Win or go home NBA Port-Denver game combined to go 6-46 for 3’s = 13%

IT’S BACK AGAIN. Game seven of the best 4 of 7 semi-final western Conference series saw the Portland Trail Blazers defeat the Denver Nuggets on Denver’s home court as the ball seems to get bigger and heavier and the rim seems to get smaller and further away for 3 point shots in the elimination games be it in single elimination high school or college tournament games as well in the elimination game for 1 or both of the teams in the NBA playing a win or go home game.

In today’s game the Trail Blazers were not to on fire as they went 4 for 27 for threes for 14.7%  and the higher  seeded Nuggets were 2 for 19 for threes for 10.5% for a combination of 13.0%.

It must be the pressure of playing in win or go home or one and done games that bring on this poor 3 point shooting percentages.

Remember the Celtics in their game 5 elimination game against the Milwaukee Bucks shot 7 for 39 for 3’s for 17.9% the exact same 3 point shooting percentages for threes when they lost in game 7 of the Eastern Conference against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

These are professional players, supposedly the best players and 3 point shooters in the game in the world today. however,  or if games 4,5 or 6 are elimination games for one team and both teams if it’s a game 7 helps again to make my theory that in elimination high school, college and even NBA games that teams that “live by the 3 during the regulation high school, college and NBA non-elimination games they may die by the three” in their elimination games because “the ball seems to get bigger and heavier and the rim gets smaller and further away”.

Or is it  what it used to be called it in the old days when players shot poorly in such games, IT WAS A CLASSIC CHOKE” as the person making that statement illustrated that CHOKE by grabbing their own throat with both hands after saying the word “CHOKE”.