Celtics go 7-39 for 3’s – 17.9% again in one & done or win or go home elimination games for 2nd year in a row!

I KNOW THIS IS OFF TOPIC FOR THIS THREAD, BUT HERE IS A SPECIAL EDITION BLOG: What do you think the chances were that the Boston Celtics in their 2nd consecutive win or go home or one and done playoff games would shoot an identical 7 for 39 for 3 point shot for just 17.9%?

In last years conference final series against the Cleveland Cavaliers in their elimination game 7 Boston shot 7 for 39 for 3’s. In the elimination game for Boston against Milwaukee they again this season shot 7 for 39 for 17.9%.

Last year in the elimination game against Cleveland Boston took 39 of their 83 FGA’s  as 3’s or 46.9% and against Milwaukee this year they took 39 of their 93 FGA’s as 3’s or 41.9%.

So maybe there is something in elimination games which are win or go home or one and done tournament or playoff games my adage, that in such games teams that rely on the 3 too much that if you lose games in the regular season or on the NBA playoff games that are not elimination for one or two or the two teams it is not that big a deal but when it comes to elimination win or go home games the “rim seems to get smaller and the ball seems to get bigger and now I am going to add what Archer Bunker of MBR (Maine Basketball Report) told me to add to that sayin, who added 3 words to my original saying. He added the 2 words FURTHER AWAY to the rim getting smaller and the 1 word HEAVIER to the ball getting bigger.

So that makes Archers and my sayin: In one and done or win or go home elimination games in either high school or college single elimination tournaments and the NBA elimination game for 1 or 2 of the teams in their best of 7 series, “the ball seems to get bigger and HEAVIER and the rim seems to get smaller and FURTHER AWAY when relying on the 3 and the pressure to win or go home may effect players 3 point shooting percentages more psychological then physicall, at least it seemed to for the Celtics in the past 2 season ending playoff losses..

I wonder if anyone else noticed that Boston went 7-39 for 3’s for 2 consecutive elimination games last year and this season. So the sayin; “If you live by the three in the regular season, you may die by the three in elimination games of win or go home games.