Will High School basketball’s Friday nite start effect viewing audience of the UMaine football playoff game on ESPN2?

The start of Maine high school 2018-19 basketball season is this coming Friday, December 7th on the same night of the only college football game on ESPN2 TV in the country on the same evening at 8:00pm with the UMaine Blackbears football team is at Weber State in a quarter-final championship tournament.

How much will basketball effect the viewing of the Maine football game high school basketball games start at 7:00p or 7:30pm and usually are over by 8:45pm or 9:00pm.

The Maine football game starts at 8:00pm on ESPN2 TV so the basketball fans can probably watch at least the 2nd half of the football game depending on how far they have to travel to get home after the basketball game.

I know that if the Bangor High boys basketball team was home on opening night of the season on Friday I would go to that game and be home by 8:45pm in time to catch the last part of the lst half and the entire second half of the Maine football game.

However, Bangor is at Lewiston and if the game is streamed which I doubt very much if it will be, I would have my left eye on the TV watching the Maine football game and my right eye watching the basketball game on my computer.

But, seeing that the Bangor boys are at Lewiston on Friday night I will be watching the entire Maine football game.

What do you think? How much will the start of high school boys and girls basketball season effect the viewing audience of the Maine playoff football game.

By the way, what are you going to do on Friday night concerning high school basketball opening night vs. UMaine’s playoff football game on TV watching? That is if you are interested in having to make a choice.