Woodward’s Job Defintely Safe as 9 of 15 Basketball Players are on 2012 GPA List

The UMaine Spin system in not thinking that winning is important in the evaluation of the head basketball coach at UMaine was out in full force today as the University bought ad space in the BDN to list the names of the 250 2012 UMaine Scholar-Athletes who maintained a 3.0 or better grade average.

One of the evaluative tools used to evaluate the Maine Mens Basketball Coach is how many players on the 15 man roster make the GPA List which is an academic average of 3.0 or higher for 2012.

9 of the 15 rostered basketball players made the list of the 250 UMaine Scholar-Athletes that were listd in the Bangor Daily News Today. The names of these Scholar-Athletes were listed in the ad.

9 of 15 is a very satisfactory 60% of the Mens Basketball Team.

The following made the 3.0 or better list.

Mike Allison
Leon Cooper
Ali Fraser
Till Gogler
Luke Hetterman
Shaun Lawton
Jon McAllian
Stefan Micovic
Zarko Valjarevic

Congratulations to those mentioned above. However, two starters and a player who started earlier in the season and then did not get much playing time as the season progressed did not make that list.

The 15 players didn’t help Woodward keep his job on the court, which seems isn’t that important to the athletic administration evaluative philosphy, but they certainly helped save his job in their 2012 classroom performances.

Also looks like the two seniors are going to graduate on schedule which is another important evaluative tool and all of the players were good college citizens this year as there were no reported negative incidents which is another evaluative tool.

So seeing that the adminsitration doesn’t think that not winning not being that important, but 9 GPA Listees, Graduating on Time and being good college citizens being the major evaluative tools then the 15 Maine Mens basketball Players again saved Woodwards job from a buyout of his 2 years left on his exisiting 3 year contract.

I thought that these 3 evaluatve concerns would also be expected if the team had a winning record or even if they didn’t have a .500 season, or even if they happened to win a tournament game or didn’t win a tournament game for 8 consecitive years.

These important evaluative tools for GPA’s, graduating on time and being good college citixens should be expected no matter what the win-loss record was.

This evaluative philosphy is that of D3 progrms who do not offer athletic scholarships and do not recruit all over the world for players.