Eastern B Boys Quarter-final picks

Now that the prelims are over let’s look at the quarter-final picks

1. MDI vs. 8 Camden Hills CH will be a tough take out. Pressure is certainly on MDI. Camden Hills plays in a tougher conference. Upset Camden Hills

4. Ellsworth vs. 5 PI  PI has beaten Ellsworth twice. Tough to take out a good team three times in a season and this game is on a nuetral court. If PI uses their size they win if they don’t it is a tossup game…PI  wins in a good one

2. Medomak vs. 7 Oceanside …….Oceanside coming off the only upset win in the Prelims. Medomak just has too much size.  Medomak

3. Gardner vs. 6 Nokomis…Could be best game of the quarter-finals..Garnder beat Nokomis twice during the regular season…However Gardner gets them again in a squeaker.