Week of Jan. 1-7 Players Tip of the Week

All players should have a foul shooting rittual. Something that you do everytime you go to the foul line to shoot a foul shot.

I had my players do the following rittual.

1,. While they were waiting for the official to report the foul and before he receives the ball from the lead official my players Square their feet to the basket with the shooting foot lined up with the middle of the rim and the no shooting foot lined up with the outside of the edge of the basket 6 inches behind the shooting foot. The same as last weeks tip of the week about the dots and the spots.

2. Upon receiving the ball from the official they thanked him.her verbally.

3. They then found the same spot on the ball everytime with the index finger of their shooting hand.

4. Then they looked for the target, the middle of the rim that we have talked about in a previous tip of the week.

5. They did not bounce or dribble the ball because this allows for players taking their eye of the target and not refocusing on the target again before they shoot.

6. When ready without dribbling shoot the basketball.

This is an excellent rittual for shooting foul shots, by doing this over and over again the same way allows for relaxation and concentration.