CCSU a great example why defensive team should foul when up 3 with less then 7 seconds to play!

Central Connecticut State University tried as hard as they could to give the University of Maine men’s basketball team an early Christmas present but Maine wouldn’t accept it. Why because CCSU up 3 points and less than 7 seconds to go in the regulation time did not foul and allowed Maine’s Sergio El Darwich to […]

Will High School basketball’s Friday nite start effect viewing audience of the UMaine football playoff game on ESPN2?

The start of Maine high school 2018-19 basketball season is this coming Friday, December 7th on the same night of the only college football game on ESPN2 TV in the country on the same evening at 8:00pm with the UMaine Blackbears football team is at Weber State in a quarter-final championship tournament. How much will […]

Cutting players is the toughest job for a high school basketball coach

The toughest two days for high school basketball players and coaches — tryouts — started Monday and continue Tuesday. Before the Maine Principals’ Association sports season policy was implemented years ago, there were five weeks of preseason compared to the three weeks now. When five weeks, I usually used the first four days for tryouts […]