4th & final night of Husson’s women’s basketball team’s “Read & React Offense”, a truly all-purpose offense that can improve basketball players IQ’s which can make for making better on court basketball decisions if it is run correctly & properly!

The fourth and final practice for the Husson women’s basketball team of having the “Read and React Offense” featured clinician Rick Torbett of BETTER BASKETBALL showing how it is a truly all-purpose offense which can do as it is advertised to do: Can improve basketball player’s IQ’s which can make for making better basketball decisions […]

3rd night of the “Read and React Offense” at Husson’s women’s practice adds post player 4 out 1 in and pin screens

At the 3rd Husson women’s basketball practice with Rick Torbett putting in the “Read and React Offense” he added the 4 out 1 in post part of “Read and React” along with pin screening to get the wing player open for a skip pass from the other wing. The offensive set is 2 guards even […]

2nd night of Husson women’s basketball “Read and React offense” adds to offense

The 2nd night of Rick Torbett’s unique “Read and React Basketball Offense added some interesting, informative, timely and effective layers for the Husson women’s basketball team to the first nights cutting maneuver, fake cut and go backdoor and rear screening. Another additional layer of the “Read and React” added tonight was having the “Read and […]

First night of “Read and React” FREE clinic by Rick Torbett of BETTER BASKETBALL at Husson Women’s Basketball practice very insightful

32 interested basketball people attended the first of four Husson University women’s basketball practices to hear and see Rick Torbett from BETTER BASKETBALL put in the start of the “Read and React Free LanCe Basketball Offense. This presentation was the best type of this clinic that I have ever attended in my 73 years in […]

NCAA college basketball’s unethical/negative recruiting practices are nothing new, but bring back memories and could have been the start of today’s scandals

The latest NCAA college basketball scandals brought back some negative and unethical recruiting techniques, practices and procedures by coaches recruiting players could have been the start of today’s scandals. The memories for me start with having one of my high school players a 6’11” center in the early 90’s who was being recruited by over […]

Blue team edges White team 89-85 in overtime in UMaine Men’s 4th Annual Skip Chappelle Intra-Squad Scrimmage

Finally, a basketball event to report on now that D-1 college basketball has started already. Homecoming fans who attended Saturday’s, October 14th 4th annual UMaine men’s basketball intra-squad Skip Chappelle scrimmage at Memorial Gym’s “THE PIT” saw a thriller as the BLUE team lead by 6’6″ senior Ilker Er with 27 points edged the White […]

Installation of “Read and React Basketball Offense” by famous national clinician at Husson women’s practices on Oct. 17-18-19-20 is FREE!

Longtime very successful women’s basketball coach at Husson University, Kissy Walker, who was just inducted into the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame this past August 20th, is opening up 4 of her team’s pre-season practices to any coach at any level. The dates are October 17, 18, 19, and 20 for a 4 day presentation […]

Very sorry, the Blog “5 traits for any team success” directly below was posted accidentally before it was finished

Very sorry about this, I sincerely apologize. It was my bad on my BLOG as this particular BLOG got posted accidentally around 10:00pm tonight as it was in rough draft form and not completed. I WILL COMPLETE AS SOON AS I CAN LATER THIS WEEK. This was another excellent article on UMaine men’s basketball Coach […]

Criticism with no solutions is like Monday morning quarterbacking like hindsight is 20/20 of woulda’s, shoulda’s and coulda’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whether it’s politics, religion, sports, government, or any other thing we have to deal with today, yesterday or tomorrow it seems to be very easy to be VERY NEGATIVE IN TODAY”S AMERICA’S SOCIETY and to criticize things or people with whom we disagree with. Another serious and big additional problem has now been added to […]