Cutting players is the toughest job for a high school basketball coach

The toughest two days for high school basketball players and coaches — tryouts — started Monday and continue Tuesday. Before the Maine Principals’ Association sports season policy was implemented years ago, there were five weeks of preseason compared to the three weeks now. When five weeks, I usually used the first four days for tryouts […]

Stonybrook men upsets Geo. Washington starts game 0 for 18 from the floor and GW goes 3 for 12 from the foul line in OT!!

D-1 mens basketball season opened up on Tuesday, November 6 and an odd game was played as Stonybrook from the America East Conference went 0-18 on their lst 18 FGA’s in their game against George Washington University Tuesday night and trailed 22-0. They were 0-10 for threes. They cut the lead to 10 at the […]

TRIVIA????? ANSWERS TO How many NBA foul shooting all-time leaders over 90%

There are only 3 current or former NBA players who averaged 90% or better for foul shooting on over 2000 attempts in the league’s existence. Who is the leader at 90.43%….3060 for 3384???? STEVE NASH Who is second? …at 90.39%….2135 for 2362???? MARK PRICE Who is 3rd?…… at 90.33%….2271 for 2514???? STEVE CURRY Hints: 1 […]