Matt Fleming breaks 75 yr. old Bangor High School single game scoring record with 45 points!

After researching the best we could longtime Bangor Basketball Historian and Expert Paul Graffam, father of Bangor High’s outstanding point guard, Ben Graffam, from 1973-75 and myself believe that 6’5″ Junior transfer Matt Fleming broke a 75 year old Bangor high school scoring record for the most points in a game when he had 45 […]

ANSWER TO: What D-1 men’s basketball team holds the record for fewest points scored in the first half of a game?

With the UMaine men’s basketball team only scoring 10 points in their first half in their Saturday’s afternoon game against Albany at their home court in Bangor at the Cross Insurance Center it brought about the question what is the record for the fewest points scored in the first half of a D-1 college basketball […]

Current UMaine Basketball Teams Rankings & 3 point stats

As of today, Thursday, January 11, 2018 here are the current UMaine men’s and women’s Team RPI, SOS,  won-lost records and America East Conference RPI SOS rankings and standings. Using’s Team and Conference RPI rankings and SOS, Pomeroy Men’s RPI’s and TEAMRANKINGS for Men as my resources as follows: Team SOS (Strength of Schedule)…Men […]

America East Men’s Basketball Conference substitution patterns show 9 or under is more successful than 10 plus in Wins & losses

i have taken a lot of MBR heat, which doesn’t bother me at all as I have taken heat all my basketball life of 73 years. I have used Araon Tippen’s old famous country song entitled “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything” as my basketball  life’s motto. This time the […]

Is 8 or 10+ basketball player rotations more successful for the one and done D-1 college basketball season?

I have been criticized, dumped on, dissed, name called, etc.on MBR (Maine Basketball Report) because I have posted that D-1 college teams should use just 8 players in their rotations when many other’s on MBR think that I am old, out-of-date basketball wise and am an arm chair no nothing about D-1 college basketball. Well […]