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Add lack of Defense to “Golden Boys All-Stars” problems and Green continues his childish behavior with a technical

My last “Off the Rim” BLOG post was about the NBA’s Golden State Warriors problems caused by Draymond “Headcase” Green originally causing the “Coward Statement” and his continued attempted field goal kick(s). Maybe he should tryout with a NFL team as a punter or field goal kicker. There’s no “kicking” in basketball. He continues his […]

Golden “Boys” Warriors Dealing with inside “Cowards” statement & Draymond Green back to his old TRICKICKS

The Golden Boy Warriors are dealing with two issues caused by Draymond Green’s kicking style. He is supposed to be a basketball player not a football punter or place kicker. The first issue is that somebody in the Warriors organization called the Warriors “Cowards” in the way they played in game 5 of the NBA […]