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This NCAA men’s March “madness” leads to Boy’s high school next seasons “madness”

Each year after watching the NCAA’s Men’s College “March Madness” knowing that it will lead to next winter’s Maine High School’s “March Madness” of it’s own all through the high school season right thru to the state games for the “basketball purists”. This is because after watching all these men’s college games on the tube […]

Congratulations to CMCC as Womens Hoop team wins another CMCC First

The Central Maine Community College women’s basketball team won the USCAA 2017 National Basketball Championship in early March. They become the first women’s college team in Maine under 6 year Head Coach Andrew Morong ever to win a National Championship. They compiled a very outstanding record of 33-1. They accomplished this very difficult feat with […]

Here’s why you hear more whistles during tourney time

With the high school basketball tourney underway, fans, players and coaches will be hearing whistles being blown more often than regular-season games. However, it’s important to remember that referees are not judges and are trying to enforce the rules of the game evenly and fairly. During the postseason, all games are covered by three officials […]