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Here’s why you hear more whistles during tourney time

With the high school basketball tourney underway, fans, players and coaches will be hearing whistles being blown more often than regular-season games. However, it’s important to remember that referees are not judges and are trying to enforce the rules of the game evenly and fairly. During the postseason, all games are covered by three officials […]

Maine’s high school basketball coaches should follow the rules

Televised college games are again negatively influencing some of our state’s high school basketball coaches, who are imitating college coaches. In the past, I’ve criticized the influence of the college game as some of the state’s coaches imitate the college style of play on their high school teams and the results are lack of basketball […]

Here’s how your basketball team can stop a top scorer

Many outstanding scorers at the high school and college levels are lighting up scoreboards in our state this season. Some of those basketball players on the high school courts include Kolleen Bouchard of Houlton, Matt Cooper of Lawrence in Fairfield, Justin Thompson of Schenck in East Millinocket, Ian McIntyre of Hampden Academy, Mackenzie Holmes and […]

New Year’s Basketball Resolutions that could help coaches, players & officials

With New Year’s Day fast approaching, and after watching UMaine, college and Maine high school games in person, on TV and online, here are some basketball resolutions that coaches, players and refs could make and keep that could help them improve their games. The UMaine men’s coaching staff should resolve to: 1. Play 6-foot-8 Vincent […]