Maine High school basketball starts today with the most important and toughest days of the season for everyone involved

With today being Monday, November 20th, 2017 it is the beginning of the MPA’s 2017-18 basketball season. It is the most important and toughest week of the entire basketball season for all those involved with the tryout seasons to determine which candidates boys and girls make the varsity, JV or freshmen teams. I wrote about […]

Rick Torbett’s: Basketball’s guidelines for 5 individual player defensive rankings to determine playing time!

Here are Rick Torbett’s 5 defensive ability rankings of 0-1-2-3-4 that determine the playing time for players in my current “Off the rim” Column of Tuesday, November 14th. It’s entitled “This system could stop parental influence of firing high school coaches” .It explains how to determining playing time for players and their parents” and the […]

In basketball, a good slow team can make a good fast team go slow, but a good fast team can’t make a good slow team go fast

In 29 years of high school basketball coaching had 6 teams that were seeded number one, 3 at Orono, 2 at Bangor and 1 at John Bapst that I considered the best teams athletically in their class those 6 seasons. Of those 6 teams only 2 at Orono won state championships. One (Orono) got beaten […]

Millan leads Maine women’s rebound from Friday’s loss to Tulane 42-34 by beating Harvard 76-51

“What a difference a day makes 24 little hours” was the song that the UMaine women’s team might or could have been singing after their complete turn around win defeating Harvard 76-51 at Memorial Gym’s “The Pit” in Saturday’s afternoon consolation game against Ivy League team Harvard. Maine doubled plus their 34 points in their […]