Joel Embiid’s & Nikola Jokic’s comparable NBA regular & Playoff stats for All-NBA lst & 2nd team selections!

Here are the stats that I said I would post to compare Embiid’s and Jokic’s regular season and playoff stats used  in selecting them to the first and second All-NBA teams. This article is to go along with my  latest weekly BLOG this past Tuesday about “basketball players playing basketball versus athletes playing basketball.

Regular Season Stats 15 categories Embiid leads 9 categories to 6




Embiid missed 18 games during the regular season playing in 64 of 82 games and Philadelphia went 51-31 while Jokic played in 80 games and Toronto went 58-24

Playoff stats 15 categories  Jokic leads 13 categories to 2




Combined Jokic leads 19 categories to 11 categories for Embiid

Embiid missed 1 playoff game of the 12 which the 76ers went 7-5 and Jokic played 14 for the Raptors and they went 8-4

Certainly more pressure in the playoff games then the regular season games yet each team only got to the 2nd round of the playoffs.

Would be interesting on how the 100 sportswriters and broadcasters used the individual stats and team records in making the selection of Jokic ahead of Embiid in the selection of who made the first or second All-NBA Teams.

How important were their statistics and numbers.?

I could not find out what the overall criteria was used by the 100 voters to make this decision. However, I will keep looking and if find out additional info I will certainly BLOG about them.

Here is part of the procedure: voters select 3 teams made up of 2 guards, 2 forwards and 1 center. Player get 5 points for first team vote 3 for 2nd team and 1 for 3rd team and then they are totaled. By positions highest total of votes first all-NBA next highest 2nd team and next third team. Still do not know besides the players stats what else maybe used to vote by the 100 voters. 100 voters with 15 votes each is a total of 1500 votes again by position only.