What’s the most common 1 on 1 defensive mistake made at any basketball level?

After watching the Maine high school basketball tournaments, the UMaine men’s and women’s games online, the NCAA March Madness Tournament on TV and now the NBA playoffs on TV there is one common one on one guarding a man with the ball individual defensive mistake that happens time after time, game after game at all levels.

It is why offensive players find it easier to score, especially perimeter 3 point shooters.

Watching games you will find that when closing out on the 3 point shooters at any level the most of the defenders use their wrong hand and arm to defend the shot. Usually most will use their right hand because it is their strong hand. They should be using their left hand as it is closer to the ball by about 8 inches as the right hand when crossed across the chest is not as close to the ball or the vision line of the shooter.

Take your left hand and raise it straight up in the air and then take your right hand and reach it across your body and it will only reach to the wrist of the left hand. Also, it can unbalance a player when they do this.

Maybe if coaches knew how important it is to defend the right handed shooter with their left hand regardless of the type of shot taken and vice versa for a left shooter they could convince their players to do it by telling them that they want them to REST their shooting hand/arm so that they should keep their left hand and arm up when guarding a player with the ball.

Left hand should be in the shooter’s vision line towards the basket and as soon as the ball has left the shooter’s right hand the defender should move their left hand over in attempt to block the shot. Another benefit from this defensive technique is that a defender guarding a player shooting the ball should never block the ball until it leaves the shooter’s hands so that a foul will not be called.

If they use their right hand instead they will not be able to block the shot as the right hand and arm cannot get there in time, cannot get there as far as the left and and arm can, plus they maybe off  balance and could foul the 3 point shooter.

In addition, the defender should not leave their feet until the 3 point shooter leaves their feet because they could either foul them or go by them which will allow the shooter to have an open three or they will allow the shooter to dribble penetrate towards the  basket.

Such a very simple thing to do, but watch the next time you watch a game if  defenders use their right hand and arm to defend the right handed shooter at any level, when they should be using their left hand and arm.

Hey, besides as mentioned above you get to REST your shooting hand and arm.