1 D-1 women’s & 1 NBA Team catches opponents napping!

One college women’s team and 1 NBA team caught their opponents napping on a throw in from out of bounds in their teams front courts after a timeout to set up their offensive players went and positioned themselves in their back court and which is their opponents front courts.

The defenses of both teams bit hook, line and sinker when they lined up to guard their offensive assignments which allowed the thrower in to make a pass to his/her teammate in their back court and the defenses front court and as soon as the players caught the ball facing the opponents basket he/she pivoted and dribbled into his/the front court to the basket for unguarded layups for 2 points.

The NBA game was decided by two points and the D-1 women’s college game was decided by double figures.

All 10 defensive players and both coaching staffs of the defensive teams either all got caught sound a sleep or they got caught playing the game from the shoulders down like many NBA (Not Basketball Anymore) playe play.

Also, in a college D-1 men’s game a post player coming off a screen with the ball out of bounds for a throw in got confused when he caught the ball and dribbled in a dunked the ball for two points in his opponents basket for 2 points for them.

Add to these 3 not too smart basketball plays the Central
Connecticut State University team’s head coach decided not to foul when they were up 3 points with 2.4 seconds left to go in regulation time in their game against Maine and this allowed Maine to run a set play from out-of-bounds which set up a gtying 3 point shoit that was good forcing the game into overtime.

Then in the lst overtime with 3.9 seconds left to go and CCSU again with 3.0 seconds to go in the first overtime still did not foul and Maine ran another set out of bounds play from the opposite side of the court on the sideline which again allowed Maine to hit the tying 3 pointer by the same player because they did not foul.

CCSU also fouled a Maine 3 point shooter late in regulation time and up by 3 points and the fouled player missed the shot but made all 3 foul shots to tie the game. However, CCSU really lucked out as they won the game 83-90 in 2 overtimes.

You would have thought that after it happened once that they did not foul like they should have strategy wise. But no, CCSU did it again.

After all if they had fouled the player who caught the ball as soon as he caught it or then dribbled it which he did both times then Maine would have had to make the first foul shot, missed the second foul shot intentionally and then get the rebound and then make a 2 to tie the game and a 3 to win the game. Common basketball sense that a team on defense in this situation of being up 3 points and less then 7 seconds to play SHOULD FOUL IMMEDIATELY THE PLAYER RECEIVED THE BALL ON THE PASS FROM OUT OF BOUNDS FROM HIS TEAMMATE.

Wow, what a weekend of games at different levels that showed that it takes more than just athleticism to be a successful basketball player or a former great basketball player to a successful smart basketball coach.

It is good thing that those involved with these situations and decision making that were caught napping or caught sound asleep was only about basketball games and not life or death decision situation makings.