Comparing UMaine Basketball teams shooting % woes

Sometimes when I post a Basketball BLOG here on the Bangor Daily News BLOG I will also post the title and a brief explanation about the article on so that if anyone is interested they can go to my BLOG.

Well today it is the complete opposite and reverse.

I wrote an article Sunday on “Comparing the shooting % Woes for both the UMaine men’s and women’s basketball teams”.

It contains up-to-date shooting stats and percentages and some reasons why the percentages are low for both teams.

It is interesting that both teams are not shooting very well yet the women’s team is 4-2 and the men are 0-6.

The article explains why the women have been more successful then the men despite having poor shooting percentages.

So if you are interested in reading the entire article just go to, hit forums and find Maine D-1 Athletics at the top of the list hit it and scroll down and the title of the article is “Comparing the UMaine BB Teams shooting % woes”.

Hope you will find the article interesting, informative, relevant and timely.

Bob Cimbollek
“Off the Rim”