Stonybrook men upsets Geo. Washington starts game 0 for 18 from the floor and GW goes 3 for 12 from the foul line in OT!!

D-1 mens basketball season opened up on Tuesday, November 6 and an odd game was played as Stonybrook from the America East Conference went 0-18 on their lst 18 FGA’s in their game against George Washington University Tuesday night and trailed 22-0. They were 0-10 for threes. They cut the lead to 10 at the half trailing 34-24.

SB cut the lead to 3 in the final seconds in the game. Now comes that strange ending after a very strange start. GW called a timeout after the SB hoop to cut the GW lead to 3 points. GW tried to get the ball in bounds on the end line after the time out, but a SB player stepped out-of-bounds and tried to steal the pass. A Technical foul was called on the SB player.

GW made the technical foul shot and had a 4 point lead with under 10 seconds to go. On the throw in SB then fouled GW immediately and GW had two fouls shots an a 4 point lead with under 10 seconds to go. However, GW missed both fouls shots and SB got the rebound. GW then for some unknown reason fouled a SB player dribbling the ball in back court.

SB made two foul shots to cut the lead to 2 points. GW then was called for a 5 second violation on the attempted throw in and SB got a tip in at the buzzer to tie the game and send the game to overtime. SB trailed until for 39 minutes and 59 seconds until they tied the game on that tip in at 63 all.

In the overtime GW went 3-12 from the foul line and lost the game after having that 22-0 first early half lead and leading by 4 points with under 10 seconds in regulation time. SB took its first lead in the game in OT at the 3:55 mark on a 3 pointer and lead the game the rest of the game. Final score was SB 77 GW 74.

What a tough way to lose a basketball game.

What a lucky way to win a basketball game.

The key to the last few seconds of play in regulation time was when GW fouled the SB player in back court. Had they not fouled GW could have let SB dribble the length of the court or pass the ball the length of the court and score and then there would not have been enough time for SB to score again in regulation.

Talk about an early Christmas present in early November.

SB makes a big mental mistake by stepping out in bounds on the GW throw in to try to get the ball which is an automatic technical foul for 1 shot..

GW then makes an even bigger mental mistake by fouling the SB player in the back court.

Both teams made mental mistakes like that they didn’t want to win the game, but instead wanted to give the game to their opponent.

Each team makes a giant mental mistake which after a 22-0 score in the first half SB gets a season open win.

What a strange way to start the season for both teams. SB goes 0 for 18 from the floor to start the game and GW goes 3 for 12 from the foul line at the end of the game during the overtime.