Watching “THE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really was able to fix my annual basketball withdrawal symptoms this summer by watching the 5th annual “THE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT”.


The teams are made up mostly of either current or former professional basketball players from all over the world. There is no deadline for adding players to the rosters. NBA players and current players trying to make the NBA are involved.

There are 72 teams in the single elimination tournament of 71 games in July and August. The winning team gets 2 million dollars.

The tournament ends this Thursday and Friday with only 4 teams remaining for the 2 semi-final games on Thursday, August 2nd and the Championship game on Friday night on Friday August 3rd at 9:00pm. Overseas Elite is the 3 time defending champion and they are in the semi-finals again for the fourth consecutive year.

The game features some interesting different rules. The games are 4 9 minute quarters. 5 fouls in a quarter puts the opponents on the foul line for 2 shots. 6 personal fouls per player. The Elam Ending is during the final 4 minutes of the game, the first time the clock stops with 4 or less minutes remaining on regulation. The clock does not run during these 4 minutes. They take the team who is ahead score and add 7 points to it to make it the game far less dominated by personal fouls. Example: score is 70 to 68. Add 7 points to the 70 points of the team ahead and 77 is the score needed to win the game. So a 2 pointer, a 3 pointer or a foul shot can win the game.

There was one game this past weekend where the score was 70-70 after the clock stopped at the 4 minute mark, so the winning score was 7 points added to 70 to make the first team to score 77 would be the winners. One player hit a three was fouled and made the foul shot for a 4 point play. Then the same player got the next defensive rebound then hit another 3 pointer to score all of the needed 7 points all in under 15 seconds.

Looking forward to the Thursday’s 2 semi-finals games at 7 and 9 pm and the championship game on Friday night at 9:00pm.

If you haven’t seen any of THE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENTS Games I would encourage you to watch especially of you happen to have any basketball withdrawal symptoms. You maybe surprised how good the basketball is and how the “Elam Ending” rule is used.

For more information about the Basketball Tournament just go to The Basketball Tournament online