ANSWER to basketball trivia question of who 1st said the game needed a shot clock & 3 point line?

Answer to last Sunday’s basketball trivia question.

It was the inventor of the game of basketball in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith. In early 1930’s after watching his game evolve and change for over 40 years he thought these two rule changes the shot clock and 3 point shot would improve the game, but no one was buying his 2 recommendations until the NBA put both in their game.

He was a man before his time basketball wise even after inventing the game in the Springfield YMCA in 1891. First game had 9 players on each team, reduced to 5 within a week and had just 13 rules. There was no dribbling until 1892. Peach baskets attached to the Y’s gym balcony was put at 10 feet from the floor.

Basketball is America’s most popular sport participation wise, baseball is second and football is 3rd.