Improving basketball withdrawal for this summer!

Summer is now the time to seek out some solutions for the basketball withdrawal that true basketball fans who are 12 monthers may have to some degree.

Now that the NBA season has just finished the only basketball available for actual live games to watch on TV is the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) which started in mid May and will run thru mid September on ESPN.

If you want to watch men’s basketball on TV this summer the 5th annual “The National Basketball Tournament” which is a single elimination tournament with 72 men’s teams and 71 games with the championship being worth $2 million for the winning team will start in mid-July and ends August 3rd. For further information and schedule just go online to THE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT for 2018. Teams are from all over the country and made up of a combination of former NBA, college, international players etc. This tournament will be also on ESPN.

If you are interested in basketball at the high school level for both boys and girls summer programs some will be starting this weekend with some area tournament round robins, etc. There are games during the week nights at high school gyms. You can go on (Maine Basketball Report) and look for schedules there on the high school site.

These summer high school programs usually run from mid June (end of school) to the end of July for the 6 week period from when school is out until the MPA’s 2 week hiatus the first 2 weeks in August of their sports season policy.

This is the only break that high school athletes who play a sport in the fall, winter (basketball) and spring get before they start the fall sports season on the 3rd Monday in August.

Also, this weekend Friday, Saturday Pool Play and Sunday single elimination tournament for top 12 of 20 teams entered in 4 pools of 5, June 22-23-24 at the 7th Annual Noonan Memorial Basketball Tournament which will be held for the first time at St. Joseph’s College in Standish, Maine. Usually this tournament is held at Bangor High School where Clark Noonan played high school basketball. This year it is being held at St. Josephs where he played his college basketball. This event is made up of teams from New England made up usually of former and current college players. This event has the most basketball talent at any event in the state of Maine each year at one site.

Hope this will be helpful for any true basketball fan who enjoys basketball year round and help to get possible help for any basketball withdrawal symptoms until Fall basketball starts for High School AAU in September and D-1 College and the NBA in October.