Update of San Antonio Spurs-Boston Celtics comparison

For some reason yesterday, June 7th and today, June 8th there has been a very interesting thing happening on my BLOG. I wrote a column on December 6, 2017 about the “Boston Celtics becoming San Antonio Spurs of the Eastern Conference” and stated the reasons why I felt that way.

For some reason there was 55 hits yesterday and 64 hits today on that particular BLOG.

I don’t know why that happened, unless maybe there was some mechanical error in my BLOG totals or what is the reason for the sudden interest in a 6 month old BLOG.

If it is because of interest then I thought it would be good to get up-to-date on the comparison as the Celtics certainly went on to prove the point of the December BLOG.

Since that time the Celtics went onto finish 55-27 and finished 2nd in the Eastern Conference Final regular season standings and then went on to get to the Eastern Conference Finals and lost in the 7th game to the Cleveland Cavaliers after defeating Milwaukee 4 games to 3 in the quarter-finals, then they defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in the semi-finals 4 to 1 and they won 10 home games in a row before losing to the Cavaliers in game 7 at Boston. They finished 11 and 8 overall in the playoffs.

This was accomplished after losing Gordon Hayward in the first 5 minutes on the season in the first game of the season and then they lost their point guard Kyrie Irving who they traded for from the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was lost at the end of the regular season. So Boston played in the playoffs without their 2 most talented veteran players, leaving Coach Brad Stevens having to use his young players, Tatum, Brown, Smart, Morris, Rozier, etc. to be lead by veteran Al Hoford.

With both Hayward and Irving scheduled to return for next season barring any trades hopefully this will be the start of what the San Antonio Spurs did over 20 years ago (from 1997-2017) winning 5 NBA championship seasons and having over 20 50 win regular seasons (NBA team record). Their 50 win streak was snapped this past year at 47 wins.

The Spurs amazing history along with the outstanding one of a kind Celtics number of history 17 making NBA championships can be found by going to Sanantoniospurs and bostonceltics and then hitting Wikipedia.

The reasons I gave in the December BLOG about why the Celtics were becoming the Spurs of the Eastern Conference remain the same in regards to how they draft, trade and sign their players, how they are coached and how they play the game on the court.

Coach Brad Stevens did not receive one single vote for the NBA coaches coach of the year award as only 8 of the 30 NBA coaches received votes including one whose team did not even make the playoffs. However, he is one of the three finalists for the regular NBA coach of the year award for 2017-18.

The Celtics have won 23.6% (17 NBA titles) since the league started in 1946. !7 titles out of 72 years or almost 25% of the NBA ttles since the league was formed. From the years of Cousy, Sharmon, Russell, KC Jones, Sam Jones, Heinson, Havilcheck, Cowans, Bird, Pierce etc. Bill Russell has 11 NBA championships and several were as a player-coach.

Hope this up dates the December 6th column BLOG.

Go Celtics and Spurs. Hope to see you play against each other in next years NBA champinship finals.