Looking at the 2018-19 UMaine’s men’s team’s basketball Roster

Now that UMaine new men’s basketball coach Richard Barron and his new staff have completed their recruiting season with the addition of 7 scholarship players to go with the 6 returning scholarship players, they have used up all of their 13 scholarships that D-1 men’s teams are allowed. Below you will find the roster for next year based on all the information on goblackbears.com. They can add walk ons at anytime.

UMaine men’s basketball roster 2018-19

Fleming 6’7’…..Larsson 6’8″
Ilija S. 6’7…..Prijovic 6’8″
Eze 6’8″………Iluyomade 6’7″
Antoms 6’8″……Ingo 6’9″

Returning………Recruits….. Returning walk ons
Araujo P 5’11″….Darwich 6’4″..Wang 6’1″
White 6’6″……..Yagodin 6’5″..Ashley 6’1″
………………Moss 5’10”

**2 Maine High School Fleming and Moss
**5 Maine Lee Prep Academy and International players Ilija S*, Darwich*, Prijovic,* Antoms*, and Wang*
4 United States White, Araujo, Ashley, and Eze
4 *International Yagodin*, Larsson*, Ingo*&** and Iluyomade*
15 total 13 scholarships, 2 walk ons Wang and Ashley?
*9 Total international players and 6 USA players=15 man roster
**8 players who have played either high school or prep school basketball here in Maine
All 5 coaching staff members have coached basketball in Maine

Excellent overall size for America East Competition even without a truly effective threat of a 6’10” plus BIG to protect the basket and to be an offensive threat on the block one on one so as to force double down to double team the post which will open up the higher percentage catch and shoot 3 pointers.

Big Guards as 3 of the 7 are 6’5″ or better.
Big Forwards as 3 @ 6’7″, 4 @ 6’8″, and 1@ 6’9″
No BIG as a center
Excellent overall size to play position less basketball, but would really help more if had a 6’10”-7’0″ plus 245lb back to basket BIG threat

Questionable 3 point talent as only one proven 40% 3 point shooter at College level on roster. high schooler over 40%.
Only 3 of 7 returnees shot 30%. White 35-98 35.7%, Ilija S. 13-35 37.1% and Ashley 20-64 31.3%.

Only proven new recruits that took enough attempted 3’s to prove that they can shoot the three Moss the high schooler 42% FROM high school distance and Sergio El Darwich 41% a college distance. Possible problem both are point guards. Once Moss is ready to start then could move Darwich over to wing point and have White on the opposite wing.

Still looking for any information about the Maine men, who are eligible for their every 4 year foreign summer trip, this summer.

If they do go it gives them 10 days of practice before the trip which allows them 5 games so long as they are not against other college teams. Usually the opponents are national teams which feature some pro players. Information seeked. Are they going and if they are what are the dates and the schedule of games?