Some International Basketball differences the U.S. could look at!

After watching hours of the highlight videos of the new international UMaine men’s basketball recruits for next year there were several things that caught my attention in the international game that you don’t see in the game in the U.S.

1. The game ball was the Molten Ball with 4 white stripes which shows if the players have the proper rotation on their shots especially on the perimeter shots
2. They had Molten balls (the game ball) for both teams to warmup with before the game and at half-time
3. 2 Boxes for each teams subs to sit on at table while waiting to go into game
4. Wider free throw area lane
5. 4-10 minute quarters (Like US Women rules)
6. Two Advertising boards in front of both team benches and scorers/timers table with a space in between each board so players and coaches could walk to their seats.

How would it be if 1 thru 6 were tried in U.S. pre-season exhibition games to see if they should be put into the D-1 college game here in the states. Personally I thought the first 5 listed would make for a better game at the college level of D-1.

What do you think of each of the 6 different things listed above? Something to think about both positively or negatively.

Did I miss any other differences?