Highest 3 point percentage shot is kick out pass from block

My column last Friday instead of usual Tuesday was about having a 3 point shot chart that determined how 3 point shots were got, who shot and was it missed or made was done to make such a chart. I posted it on my BDN BLOG for coaches .at all levels to evaluate and see if some might want to use it.

I also added 4 ways to get 3’s to make a  total 12 of ways to get open 3’s. 2 high percentages  and 2 low percentages.

Now would like to give fans, parents, players, coaches, etc. 6 highest percentage ways to get  3’s and lowest 6 ways to get 3’s and reasons why they are the highest and lowest..

The highest percentage 3 is when ball goes inside to low block and then ball is kicked out to open 3 point stand still shooter whose defender has doubled down to double team the post player on the block. The reason it is the highest percentage 3 is because  player receiving pass is already squared to basket because they are facing the basket and having hands in the shooting  position showing  passer where shooter wants ball from the pass..

The next is when ball is passed out to stand still player from anywhere inside the 3 point line.

Then it is on dribble penetration to the basket as dribbler kicks out a pass to stand still shooter who is open because his defender has moved over to help on the dribble penetration.

The next three are about the same percentage wise.

The perimeter pass to stand still shooter, ball reversal with perimeter pass and transition off perimeter pass.

The key for the 6 stand still shooters is having feet squared to  basket with hands in the shooting position where shooter wants the ball on the pass.

When stand still players feet are not squared to the basket and don’t have  hands in the shooting position it takes longer to get off the three, because it takes time to pivot, square to hoop and to get the ball into shooting position which allows double team defender or  help recover defender to close out on the stand still shooter.

This makes the shooter rush shot as defender contests the 3 with a fast closeout.

Other 6 ways to get 3’s is when a player is moving to get the ball for a pass or moving by dribbling to  get the 3 off.

Here are the ways of moving to get the ball which are not as high  percentage 3’s as the stand still shooter because the player has to square both feet and get both hands in the shooting position when  receiving a pass or picking up dribble to shoot.

Cutting off screens in the lane, coming off a screen set shooter’s defender away from the ball, loop back after setting a screen to ball after faking screen roll, 1 on 1 off dribble, dribbling off a screen set to ball or a loop and off dribble in transition.

All are about the same percentage wise because shooter after receiving the ball usually has to square their feet to the basket and get hands in the shooting position after catching or picking up the ball off the dribble, which is slower then being squared to the basket and hands in shooting position to receive ball while catching  ball standing still.

I have charted games this way and am sure the results would be useful for a coach at any level.

Next game you attend or watch online or TV see if you can pick up these methods and which ones are used the most and are the most successful.