Updated Comparisons of UMaine Basketball teams 3 point shooting woes

Right now both the Maine men’s 3-11 (1-11 vs. D-1 opponents) and women’s 6-6 (4-6 vs. D-1 opponents) teams each team has something in common. Both are continuing their shooting woes especially beyond the 3 point line.

The women are coming off their last two games going 9 for 63 for 14.3% against Mississippi State 3 for 20 for 15% and Duke 6 for 43 for 13.9%. The 43 3 point attempts broke the record of 41 set in 2014 against UMBC.

The men are shooting 29.6% on 106-362 and the women are also in the 30% at 30.8% on 100 of 325.

They both are over using the three based on their rate of success from beyond the arc as the men have taken 44.1% of their FGA’s as 3’s on 362-821. While the women who have gone 9 for 63 the past two games which was 55% of the total field goal attempts of 63-114. For the season the women have taken 43.9% of their total FGA’s as 3’s on 325 of 749.

The men’s two point FG% is 44.4% on 214 for 479 while the women for 2’s are at 48.5% on 206 for 424.

Combining 2’s and 3’s the men are shooting 39.0% on 320 of 821 and the women are at 43.9% on 325 for 749.

The men are also having their troubles in their last 2 games from beyond the arc as have the women.  They are just 11 for 52 from 3 point line for  21.2% and took 62 3 attempts of 126 FGA’s for 49.1%.of their FGA’s and the women are just 9 for 63 for 3’s for just 13.9% and have taken 63 of their FGA’s as 3’s out of 114 FGA’s for 55.8%  of their FGA attempts.

Combined they are just 20 for 115 for 3’s for 17.4% and together have taken 115 3 attempts of 240 FGA’s for 48% of their FGA’s have been 3 point attempts

Both teams seem to be using that old 3 point saying, “live by the three die by the three”.

Also, using the same muscles over and over again can cause muscle fatigue which can result in lower shooting percentages the farther you are from the basket when you shoot or doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results can become a problem.

Some reasons why both teams are struggling from beyond the arc

A. Both teams are using the same offensive set to get threes and it is not getting OPEN threes. Most of their 3’s appear to come from perimeter passes to wings cutting thru the lane to opposite side or off the dribble off screen to the ball with the post man at where the foul line meets the free throw lane line known as the elbow or higher., Post player is either the passer to wings cutting or he sets screens for the guards out side the free throw circle. Post man hardly ever posts up looking for ball.

1. They don’t go inside-outside to post man on block and kick out to open 3 point shooter whose man left the shooter to double down to double team the post player for threes anyway near enough (which is the best way to get open high percentage 3’s) (FIRST BEST WAY)

2. In transition of pass (2nd best way)

3. preferring instead to use dribble penetration and kick outs (3rd best way)

4. standing still catching perimeter pass (4th best way)

5. running and coming off screens to get perimeter passes (5th best way)

6. ball reversal from perimeter passes (6th best way)

7. coming off a set screen on their defender when they have the ball by dribbling (7th best way)

8. shooting and going one on one off the dribble to get the 3 off. 8th best way)

9. In transition off the dribble (9th best way)