3rd night of the “Read and React Offense”/Solution for Parents complaining about playing time

At the 3rd Husson women’s basketball practice with Rick Torbett putting in the “Read and React Offense” he added the 4 out 1 in post part of “Read and React” along with pin screening to get the wing player open for a skip pass from the other wing.

The offensive set is 2 guards even front stationed at the NBA 3 point distance a little wider then the free throw lane line extended. 2 wings at the free throw line extended at the 3 point NBA distance this is to spread the perimeter defenders further away from the low post player. The low post player is on the long or short side of the block. Either the short side or long side, depending on what the offense is running. If the offense is to get the ball to the low post player the post player is on the short side. If the offense is being used for perimeter players the post player should be on the long side.

Pin screening (Which usually is a rear or back screen out of the visual range of the offensive player being rear or backed screened) is done when a teammate can see the jersey number on a defensive player’s back who is guarding an offensive teammate and as stated earlier above the pin screen is used to use a skip pass from wing with the ball to the player who has had a pin screen set for them so that they can be open as they go to the other wing opposite the wing with he ball.
Off the Rim’s Column of Tuesday, November 14th additional material pertaining to “This system could stop parental influence for firing high school coaches”

The question and answer period after the on court clinic was very interesting as coaching today with so much parent interference and little school administrative backing many times in many high schools is not only a problem in Maine where some coaches do not get rehired if some parents complains about playing, squad selection, team strategy or other players to the head coaches bosses.

Rick Torbett said that this is a societal problem throughout the country at the high school level, not just in Maine as he was told by some coaches present which started the troubling discussion.

He gave the coaches some interesting, timely and informative ways to look at to possibly help the situation of the parents who try to interfere with coaches about their child’s playing time.

He suggested that the coaches should tell the players and the parents at a team meeting at the beginning of the season after the coaching staff has determined the defensive abilities of each team member that the best defensive players at the position they each play are going to be the 5 starters and the first subs of the bench will be the next 2 or 3 best defensive players.

He suggested that everyone should know where they stand defensively as the coach ranks them in the order by their defensive strengths and skills. Then let the players and their parents know that there are 4 levels of defensive skills with 0 being the poorest and a 4 being the highest.

The players should know what their level is and the reasons why they are that level ranking prior to the parents, players and coaches meeting being held as it takes certain skills on the defensive end of the court to attain each individual 4 ranking order

With the parents present at a practice before the season starts by invitation of the head coach after the coach has ranked each player 0 to 4 of the players defensive skills and told the parents what constitutes a 0,1,2,3 or 4 defensive ranking.

Each player stands up introduces himself, states his level of defense and his defensive level as far as playing time goes by his defensive ranking of 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Also, the player states his position and role on the team in regards to playing time so that all concerned, the player, his teammates, the players parents and the coaching staff are all on the same page in regards to each players individual team’s role in regards to playing time role based on the individual player’s defensive level of defensive skills at ht position he/she plays.

I thought this was a very interesting, informative, timely and excellent method to inform the parents and players of how playing time is decided and determined by the coach. I always as a coach started the 5 best defenders and the 2 or 3 subs were the next 2 or 3 best defensive players.

Defense is no more than “the desire to perspire” and players who are not as good offensively or athletically skilled as some of their teammates can still get playing time if they are the 7 or 8 players who are level 4 or 3 defensively or the best ranked 7 or 8 players defensively and why they are ranked the highest defensively.

So if a player who is not starting or not getting playing time knows that if he/she wants to get on the court then just improve the defensive weaknesses they know they have to improve on that make up their defensive level and move up into the to the 5 top ranked spots to start and to 6,7,or 8 ranked spots to come in off the bench by passing the players who are starting or the subs that receive the playing time.

I thought this was an excellent, fascinating, unique and extremely timely solution process to a very difficult situation for coaches concerning playing time by both players and their parents.

Teams can have a poor offensive night, but their is no excuse for being off defensively.

Coaches can develop their own factors for each of the 5 defensive rankings


if you would like a complete description of Rick Torbett’s 5 defensive rankings just go to my Bangor daily News BLOG offtherimbangordailynews.com and you will find them there.
Tomorrow night the practice/clinic time is different as it is 4:30pm-6:30pm not 5:30pm-7:30pm. The on floor clinic will be using the “Read and React Offense” against zone defense. I thought it was going to be tonight as I put in yesterdays column about this offense. My bad, sorry, however, it is going to be tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be the last of this 4 practice week with Rick Torbett putting in the “Read and React Offense” for the Husson women’s basketball team.

We had 32 attendees Tuesday, 18 Wednesday and 19 today.