2nd night of Husson women’s basketball “Read and React offense” adds to offense

The 2nd night of Rick Torbett’s unique “Read and React Basketball Offense added some interesting, informative, timely and effective layers for the Husson women’s basketball team to the first nights cutting maneuver, fake cut and go backdoor and rear screening.

Another additional layer of the “Read and React” added tonight was having the “Read and React” offense was putting a player on the block so that the offense was 4 out and 1 in.

Players on the perimeter were spaced at one corner, 2 wings and at the point with the post player on the block.

This part of the offense tonight added a pin screen by players so that when a defender sags off perimeter players into the paint or even to the basket line the post player can set a pin screen on the sagging defender as the opposite wing player throws a skip pass to the open wing player on the other wing for an open 3.

Also, was shown what a wing or point player passing to the post player can do by cutting baseline to the opposite corner and the post player looks for a perimeter player that is open for a 3 when th post player is doubled don on for a double team.

This part of “Read and React” gives teams a very good inside-outside game to get open three’s or open layups.

After the 5:30pm-7:30pm on the court work it was again followed by a 7:30pm to 9:00pm discussion, questions and answers class in Husson University’s Bruce D. MacGregor’s Hall of Fame Room. Again great questions and answers and discussion along with film of the parts of the offense that was put in tonight.

Tomorrow nite, Thursday, October 19th same time, same station as Tuesday and Wednesday 5:30pm-7:30 in the gym and then on to the class in the Hall of fame room. Fridays session is scheduled from 4:30pm-6:30pm.

The only negative (Turnover) of the night was the attendance dropped from 32 last night to 19 tonight. However, this brought about a very interesting discussion in the question and answer session after the clinic on the floor.

The problem discussed was the lack of coaches attending basketball clinics, be it the Maine Association of Basketball Coaches clinics the past few years and such low response to the clinic WHICH IS FREE at Husson.

Rick said that many other areas around the country with much higher population then Maine have the same problem of lack of attendance at clinics.

Several reasons were given for that lack of coaches attendance which I will present later in a BLOG about this nationwide problem of the why low attendance and possible solutions.

Looking forward to tomorrows on the floor installation of the “Read and React” versus all types of Zone Defenses.

Hope to see some of the attendees that made Tuesdays clinic and missed tonight’s will be there tomorrow night.

If you haven’t been there the first two nights, you are still certainly welcome tomorrow night and Friday night.

Rick also will return this summer when the Husson women’s basketball team has it’s basketball camp this summer.