Installation of “Read and React Basketball Offense” by famous national clinician at Husson women’s practices on Oct. 17-18-19-20 is FREE!

Longtime very successful women’s basketball coach at Husson University, Kissy Walker, who was just inducted into the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame this past August 20th, is opening up 4 of her team’s pre-season practices to any coach at any level.

The dates are October 17, 18, 19, and 20 for a 4 day presentation by the nationally famed clinician Rick Torbett of Better Basketball as he installs the famous “Read and React Offense” at these Husson women’s practices. This offense has 10 different layers and all will be shown during this 4 day period.

The practice clinics will be held at the William P. Newman Gym on the campus of Husson University.

These practices and installation of the “Read and React Offense” is FREE…NO CHARGE to all who wish to attend any of the sessions.

Times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 5:30pm-7:30pm and
Friday @ 4:30pm-6:30pm.

This will allow for coaches at any level middle school, high school, D-1, D-2 D-3 college, youth, AAU, travel, etc. to get a chance to see how this offense is actually installed during live practices.

This offense improves basketball IQ’s which helps to make for better basketball players offensive decisions which reduces turnovers and teaches players how to play without offensive set plays.

With basketball starting next month for high school, middle school teams for travel, AAU, youth teams, etc. this would be a great time for coaches at these levels to take a look at an offense that can be used at any level of the non-pro game.

Because it is going to be impelmented and put it in with a coach and players on the court live it will be a great and unique opportunity for coaches, especially when there is no cost to attend, just a free opportunity to see if you would be interested in using this or parts of the “Read and React Offense” that can be used at any level from youth leagues thru to D-1 college basketball.

I know that even though I am not coaching now at the age of 80 I will try to be in attendance at all 4 sessions to learn about this new and exciting offense which teaches players to make better basketball decisions by increasing their basketball IQ’s, thus playing from the shoulders up and not from the shoulders down by reading the court and then reacting to the read of the defense on how they are playing you as an offensive player with or without the ball.

Hope to see you there. Remember the only cost is your time and effort to get there.