Very sorry, the Blog “5 traits for any team success” directly below was posted accidentally before it was finished

Very sorry about this, I sincerely apologize. It was my bad on my BLOG as this particular BLOG got posted accidentally around 10:00pm tonight as it was in rough draft form and not completed. I WILL COMPLETE AS SOON AS I CAN LATER THIS WEEK.

This was another excellent article on UMaine men’s basketball Coach Bob Walsh’s BLOG today. It is very well worth reading. Exceptional article pertaining to how to have successful team success.

It does not directly involve basketball, but it is for any team activity in any team endeavor. Business, athletic teams, politics, etc. Any team endeavor that has team members.

I am going to post it later this week concerning how it works in basketball at all the different basketball levels from youth basketball grades 3-4 all the way up thru to Division one college basketball.

The 5 traits are as follows:
1. Dependability
2. Structure and Clarity
3. Meaning
4. Impact
5. Psychological Safety

If you wish to read the article on Coach Walsh’s BLOG just go to