Some Maine HS football teams scores are higher then some HS basketball teams scores!

Did you notice on this past weekend on Friday night and Saturday afternoon there were 34 reported football game scores?

Of the 34 games 22 (64.7%) of the games and of the 68 teams (almost a third or 33.3%) scored 40 or more points in winning their games. 5 teams scores 30 or more, 6 in the 40’s, 8 in the 50’a and 3 in the 60’s.

The only close game in the 40 plus points scored category by the winning team was the Biddeford 56 Skowhegan 54 in OT was a basketball like game barn burner score. Talk about a high score for a football game especially at the HS level.

During the basketball season some teams do not score in the 40’s let alone in the 50’s or 60’s.

What are the reasons for these high scoring teams in football and the low scoring of basketball teams?

Is it because of real imbalance in each division in football because of the enrollment changes to to try to balance the 5 classes?

Are some high school football teams better at scoring them some high school basketball tams?

Are some football teams weaker defensively and some basketball teams are stronger defensively?

Are some football teams stronger offensively then some basketball teams?

In football you get 6 points for a touchdown, 3 points for a field goal, 2 points for a safety and either 1 or 2 points for the extra point(s) after a touchdown.

In basketball you gt 3 points for a shot made behind the 3 point line, 2 points for a field goal inside the 3 point line and 1 point for any foul shot made.

Granted a touchdown is worth twice as many points as a 3 pointer in basketball, but basketball scores in high school game including some tournament games do not get out of the 40’s.

However, isn’t it easier to score in basketball as foul shots are not defended like all the football scores are?

Football games are 4 quarters of 12 minutes for a total of 48 minutes whereas basketball has 32 minutes of 4 -8 minutes quarters and both teams have overtime periods.

Is it just really that there are poorer defenses in football and stronger defenses basketball?

Shouldn’t high school basketball fans expect their high school basketball teams to outscore their football teams even though the 6,3,2 or 1 point(s) in football are more than basketball’s 3, 2 and 1 point(s) scored?

What do you think about these latest high scoring football teams compared to the lower then average of basketball teams scored in Maine High Schools and the reasons for the increase in football and the decrease in basketball scoring?