Criticism with no solutions is like Monday morning quarterbacking like hindsight is 20/20 of woulda’s, shoulda’s and coulda’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whether it’s politics, religion, sports, government, or any other thing we have to deal with today, yesterday or tomorrow it seems to be very easy to be VERY NEGATIVE IN TODAY”S AMERICA’S SOCIETY and to criticize things or people with whom we disagree with.

Another serious and big additional problem has now been added to this criticizing and that is “FAKE NEWS” on some media sources be it the print or the talking media.

People criticizing either verbally or in print in the media should at least NOW make sure what they are criticizing is the truth and not just fake news,

If the material being criticized is the truth and not fake news then it’s a positive, the glass is half full versus a negative the glass is half empty scenario.

This is especially true when done by many people, regardless of the subject being criticized by media pundits, in print, on the internet, on talk radio or on Cable or Television for ratings, etc.

Many, may criticize, but very few offer real legitimate solutions to what they, the criticizers, are criticizing.

Most just seem to criticize and not offer solutions to the situation that they are criticizing.

This is usually known as Monday morning quarterbacking in all the levels of athletics/sports which shows many times that hindsight is 20/20 so it is very easy to criticize, specifically without offering real solutions.

It really should be woulda, coulda or shoulda ways to improve the criticism with real positive solutions.

When currently watching TV media pundits or reading print media if there is criticism and no offer of solutions I have a tendency to not pay much attention to the criticism. I usually turn the TV to another channel, move on on the internet or move to another column in the print media.

I’m as guilty as many others about criticizing, even at just the local or state level, except I try not criticize unless I have a possible solution to suggest to try to solve the problem.

So when writing an article in my basketball season’s Tuesday’s Bangor Daily News Sports “Off the Rim” Column from mid-November to mid-April on my sports (usually on basketball) BLOG in the BDN throughout the year if I criticize I really abd truly try to offer possible positive solutions based on my 73 plus years as a player, coach, ref, Radio/TV color commentator, writer, blogger, author and fan.

It is very easy to criticize for the sake of criticizing. Now criticizing in trying to improve a situation or problem by presenting a possible solution to the situation or problem is a different story.

Also, when I have been criticized personally, publicly in the past over the years as a player, coach, official, Radio/TV color analyst, writer or author and currently if there is no possible solutions given by the criticizers I usually just ignore the criticism.

This is a big problem today in our society as criticism without offering solutions is many times can be taken just for personal attacks in many instances.

It is very easy to criticize people. However, “If the criticizer has not walked in the shoes of the people that they are criticizing publicly”, how much credibility do they really have in their criticism?

Maybe that is why they don’t offer possible positive solutions to their negative criticism.

In a perfect country we would have no need for criticism, so the best we can do is when someone criticizes today THEY SHOULD TRY TO OFFER REAL SOLUTIONS TO THE CRITICISM THAT THEY ARE MAKING to be taken seriously. If we did that it would be a much more civilized, much better and improved country regardless of the topics or persons being criticized.

Now I realize that many big time media types at the national level are paid critics and criticizing is how they make a living. But it wouldn’t hurt them sometimes to give some real possible positive solutions to their negative criticism instead of just criticizing and critiquing for the sake of criticizing.

Also, the more credibility (walked in the persons shoes they are critiquing) they have the better the chances are that they could offer real solutions.

Media of any type should report the facts, just the facts and try to leave the criticism alone unless they have positive solutions to their criticism. This goes for anything that is written, reported or talked about be it on the internet, print media, talking media, talking heads, blogs, etc.

SO GUESS WHAT? NOW I’LL JUST WAIT FOR THE CRITICISM FOR THIS BLOG ON CRITICIZING, but unless there are positive solutions I will just ignore the criticism as I have in the past.

After all this BLOG about criticism without solutions is JMO…..Just My Opinion….Opinions are just like noses, everybody has one.