Very pleased and glad that the “Off the Rim” Basketball BLOG is being read in the off season!

It is very interesting and pleasing that some people are still reading my Bangor Daily News BASKETBALL BLOG, “Off the Rim” during the past months of August and September which is usually the deadest times of the year for basketball in Maine.

Many maybe, and I say maybe the reason they are as the numbers on daily posts have certainly gone up compared to the other BLOGS this summer in June and July when I am not writing my Basketball Column on Tuesdays from Mid-November to Mid-April is because they maybe suffering some degree of basketball withdrawal symptoms and are desperately looking for something to read concerning basketball.

I know I have some Basketball Withdrawal Symptoms once there are no games being played to watch or read about except for the WNBA.

That is why I have enjoyed UMaine’s men’s basktball Coach Bob Walsh’s BLOGS during the summer time. It really helps ease my symptoms in the down time of August and September.

UMaine men’s and women’s programs will be starting practices the first of October.

Maine high school basketball starts in Mid-November which is just a month and a half away.

Also fall weekend basketball will be starting for AAU, MBR, travel basketball, etc. this coming weekend.

When I look over the daily report of the number of view hits on my BLOG it is very surprising that some of the topics viewed where as far back as things written during the past 6 years, from 2010 to today.

Have written 150 articles for the “Off the Rim Column averaging 25 columns a year from mid-November to mid-April for 6 years and have posted 671 BLOGS during the past 6 years and 6 months for a total of 822 posts on the BLOG.

The most views for a single day in the 6 plus years was on January 7, 2013 a total of 4,245, with 3,842 of the views that same day on a column I wrote that day entitled, “Maine High School Basketball talent is decreasing”.

The total hits or views on the BLOGS are recorded with each hit. However, it is impossible to know how many people read the “Off the Rim” Column in the BDN during the mid-November to mid-April each Tuesday during that time.

The total number of recorded views since we started the column and the BLOG in mid-November of 2010 is 285,133 as of mid-night, September 30th, 2017.

So I am very pleased and glad that if the BLOG can be helping some people with their “Basketball Withdrawal” if they have any or with their interest in basketball to take the time and effort to look up my BLOGS in the basketball off season especially this week with the very hot weather this last week of September.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the off-season readers and I hope the off-season readers enjoyed some of the older BLOGS as well as the recent BLOGS as much as I did in writing them all.