Will any Maine H.S. football players take a knee on the Anthem this coming weekend?

Following my last BLOG on yesterday about how Maine high school basketball players and other Maine high school athletes may try to imitate TV’s Pro NFL Football non-participation activities, NBA and College D-1 Basketball style of play a question popped up in my mind.

With all the national, state and local vocal and written attention and publicity being given to the 200 NFL football players taking a knee during the playing of the Star Bangle Banner or National Anthem this past football NFL weekend…. How many Maine high school football players do you think will take a knee when the National Anthem is played this coming weekend before games?

Regardless of how anybody feels one way or another about this issue 9 girls high school soccer team’s players in Western Maine beat the football players to imitate the NFL football players who just knelt during the Anthem last Saturday, Sunday or Monday.


2 articles in today’s Bangor Daily News Sports Pages one entitled “Traip athletes kneel to protest racial injustice” and one entitled: Anthem protests spark Maine discussion” both on the front page of the sports section.

Both were well written articles that were interesting, informative and certainly timely.

It will be interesting too see which will get more coverage this coming weekend. Will it be the scores and write ups of the Maine high school football games results or will it be about who, where and how many football players take a kneel to imitate the NFLers while the Anthem is being played?

But what is that old saying?….Isn’t imitation the best form of flattery?

Suppose schools could not play the National Anthem before games and that could solve the kneeling by players when the Anthem was being played. “Out of sight or out of hearing” out of mind.

Just trying too offer a solution to this Anthem kneeling situation for this coming weekend’s Maine High School Football games.

What do you think?


Do you even care?

Being a basketball person I think I will be more interested in the NCAA D-1 Basketball remaining 346 of the 351 men’s teams/coaches to see if there are anymore top schools being found to be facing corruption charges.

Many experts are saying that this could be just the tip of the iceberg NCAA Men’s Basketball’s iceberg or the underbelly of the beast.