UM Coach Walsh’s latest BB BLOGS:”Fighting a Losing Mentality” & “No One Cares…”

The only consistent greater Bangor Area summer basketball reading material for me to read has been UMaine men’s basketball head coach Bob Walsh’s daily Blog.

Thank goodness for it or I would have had some real serious basketball withdrawal symptoms.

Coach Walsh has another excellent BASKETBALL BLOG on Monday, September 25, 2017, following his Friday, September 22nd’s revealing and insightful BLOG entitled ‘No One Cares…’ which is another great read of how the very hard and difficult ways he is trying to turn his program around.

He writes his latest BLOG with a title of “Fighting a Losing Mentality”. He explains the why, the hows and the ways he and his staff are trying to turn the UMaine men’s hoop program around, especially when he is in his last year of a 4 year contract following 3 consecutive losing years.

It is very insightful, truthful, informative and courageous self evaluation of his program.

If you are a UMaine men’s basketball fan, this is another REQUIRED AND MUST READ.

Walsh after an insightful and informative introduction goes on to sight 8 different areas that he and his staff are doing in the attempt to turn around the first three years of his 4 year contract of 3 consecutive losing seasons totaling just 18 wins and 74 losses for just a 19.6 winning percentage.

Maine not only has lost 74 games in three years they have lost at least 11 players due to transfers and several assistant coaches to other jobs.

The thing that has impressed me as Coach Walsh has not used these non game losses as excuses for not winning more games.

This has made it extremely hard and difficult to rebuild a losing program with so many different types of losses which brings about the loss of continuity, experience and development.

Takes a lot of individual and personal courage to write a BLOG about how you are trying to turn your own losing program into a winning one, with just one season left in your contract to do that.

I admire Coach Walsh for this courageous and revealing BLOG.

Coach Walsh is a coach not used to losing like he has the past 3 seasons of his coaching career. He has been an assistant coach at winning D-1 programs and certainly was very successful at D-3 Rhode Island College.

He was very courageous to take over a D-1 program late in the hiring and recruiting seasons with no head D-1 coaching experience that has never been to the “Big Dance”, have only had one winning season in the past 13 years and only 2 coaches with winning percentage records since 1949.

However, his BLOG shows how he is still remaining very positive as he takes on a squad for his fourth year that has lost 11 players the past two years, 3 assistant coaches, 2 very key starting players because of serious injuries that they were lost for the season during last year, his starting point guard after 5 games and his starting forward and best 3 point shooter after 11 games and also losing 2 players, his best player and leading team scorer on last year’s team and a key Big man at the end of the season for disciplinary reasons. At the end of the season he was without his 3 best players that started the non-conference season schedule.

Remember, this program has only had 2 coaches since 1949 with career winning percentages and the last winning season was 2009-10.

The law of averages are on Coach Walsh’s side this coming season as far as injuries go as let’s hope that there are no key injuries or disciplinary problems and for the first time in three years, so he can have his complete team available for the whole, complete and entire non-conference and conference schedules.

If it was not for all the bad luck Coach Walsh has had the past 3 years he would have had no luck at all.

After explaining the 8 different approaches he is using to try to turn the losing mentality into a winning one, he ends up the BLOG with another thoughtful, insightful, and informative insight.

Just go to to read the entire must read of this current BLOG for any UMaine men’s basketball fan.

Also, don’t forget his 20 “No One Cares…” things Article on his BLOG and how it could relate to his program.

Another nine………..TEEN rating for your last two BLOGS Coach. I really enjoyed them along with the informative BLOG on transfers.