Very interesting & timely transfer article on Coach Bob Walsh’s BLOG

A BLOG entitled the “Facts About Transfers” by UMaine Head Basketball Men’s Coach Bob Walsh on his BLOG today, Wednesday, September 20 was a very timely, interesting, revealing and informative post.

The article is entitled ” Investigating College Basketball Transfer Movement”, written by Eli Boettger and posted by Coach Walsh on his Blog.

This article was written based on the past 6 seasons since the 2011-12 campaign.

Here are a just a few of the statistics about D-1 Men’s Basketball transfers for the 351 Men’s D-1 basketball teams.

Did you know that 60% of all D-1 transfers do not go or end up at a D-1 program?

Did you know 33% of all D-1 college players transfer.

Did you know there were 4,360 transfers to or from D-1 basketball programs.

There are many more very interesting and revealing statistics about D-1 college basketball transfers.

Seeing that UMaine men’s basketball program had 11 transfers the past 2 seasons (6 in spring of 2016 and 5 this past 2016-17 season) this is a very timely, informative, revealing, and interesting article for any true UMaine Men’s Basketball Program Fan.

On a rating a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest I would give both Coach Walsh for posting this revealing article and Eli Boettger for writing this informative, revealing and timely article each a rating of a NINE………………………….TEEN.

Just go to to read this informative transfer article.

Coach Walsh has had some really excellent BLOGS this summer.

He writes his own BLOG articles which I really enjoy the most, but of the BLOG articles Coach Walsh posts on his BLOG from other sources, this has been the best one so far this summer and he has had some excellent ones.

I found it as interesting as it was timely, considering UMaine’s Men’s Basketball transfers the past 2 years, revealing statistics, informative, interesting and explaining “Facts About Transfers”.

Especially seeing that just last week it was revealed that the revenue NCAA D-1 athletic programs, mens & womens basketball, hockey, football and baseball are working on a proposal that would eliminate the D-1 current 1 year sit out rule when transferring from 1 D-1 program to another if the transferring player’s GPA was at a standard that is one that is leading to graduation from the school he/she is transferring from. (Don’t forget the UMaine womens basketball program had 5 transfers this past spring too).

This D-1 COLLEGE immediate eligibility article was in the BDN last week if you missed it.

Again, thanks to Coach Walsh for posting this transfer article on his BLOG for all UMaine Men’s Basketball fans a chance to read.