Still time to attend Chris Murphy’s free basketball course

The first of 8 Tuesday nights of a free basketball course,’THE BASICS OF BASKETBALL COACHING AND PLAYING’ presented by former Maine Maritime Academy Coach Chris Murphy was held last Tuesday night, September 5th at Eastern Maine Community College’s Gymnasium from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

There were only 3 high school coaches, 1 former high school coach, 1 former freshmen coach and two representatives from the Eastern Maine Board 111 of the International Approved Basketball Officials in Attendance.

This was disappointing attendance as the course is FREE and the teacher for the course is a well respected and knowledgeable college coach with 30 years of experience donating his time and effort to offer this needed type of coaching course.

The Course Objective – To initiate discussion discussion and encourage an open exchange of ideas pertaining to the development of coaching philosophies, playing system, and knowledge in all phases of the game. The course is open to all – males, females, coaches, prospective coaches, players, at all levels and parents.

The first night dealt with the Development of Personal Coaching Philosophy Mental Aspects. Covered such interesting factors like reason for going into coaching, individual philosophy of coaches present and why they went into coaching.

Very good class participation as the instructor allowed for this in a very generous manner. He asked great questions and presented a very relaxed class atmosphere that really encouraged student participation. The instructor really met his course objective in this first class.

The remainder of the 7 nights curriculum (THERE IS STILL TIME TO ATTEND THIS BASKETBALL COURSE, JUST SHOW UP ON NEXT TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 12th AT 6:30PM-8:30PM) is as follows:

Sept. 12 Class 2 Organizational Aspects Developing and Implementing a Playing System

Sept. 19 Class 3 Developing and Implementing an Offensive System

Sept. 26 Class 4 Developing and Implementing a Deensive Transition System

Oct. 3 Class 5 Developing and Implementing a Defensive System

Oct. 10 No Class

Oct. 17 Class 6 Developing and Implementing an Offensive Transition System

Oct. 24 Special Situations

Oct. 31 Submission of Projects by Participants
Open Discussion and on Court Demonstrations
Unfinished Topics

Disappointing, but not surprising of the low attendance.

A question is what are some of the reasons why more of Maine’s High School Basketball Coaches don’t take advantage of their own MABC basketball clinics or why aren’t they taking advantage of this free basketball course?

Of the 3 active coaches present, 2 were veteran coaches with years of success and experience and a brand new head coach.

It’s interesting. Don’t many of Maine high school basketball varsity coaches want their players to work on their skills during the off season?

Yet, few coaches seem to attempt to improve their coaching skills when the opportunity presents itself, especially when it is FREE.

OJMO………………only just my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!