NCAA Division-1 could possibly eliminate sit out transfer rule

After seeing the UMaine men’s basketball team lose 11 players combined the past two seasons and the women’s basketball team lose 5 this past season the possibility of having the NCAA D-1 transfer 1 year sit out rule could possibly be eliminated is a little disheartening especially if you are a UMaine basketball fan or a fan of any other UMaine sport.

Not having to sit out a year would only increase the transfers as the biggest deterant currently is having to sit out a year.

This proposed change would be for all NCAA D-1 athletics.

During the past few seasons the total NCAA basketball men’s D-1 transfers have averaged over 700 a year or about an average of 2 per team per year for the 351 D-1 men’s teams.

You can see that UMaine men’s basketball program was over double the average as 6 transferred in 2016 and 5 this past year 2017. Stats not available for the women’s average. However, 5 is high.

The new rule being developed by the NCAA’s Division One Transfer Work Group could possibly be presented to be voted on would allow a player to transfer and not have to sit out for a year provided the athlete transferring has maintained a stated required minimum GPA designed to lead to the student/athlete to graduate. If passed it could go into effect for the 2018-19 sports season.

I personally have felt that the current transfer rule is not a fair rule when you consider that coaches can transfer jobs and can coach immediately and get paid.

Also, what about the situation that if coach A who recruited player B who had played for coach A who recruited him, if the players transfers to the school coach A moved to has to sit out a year if player B transfers to coaches A new school. The coach can coach, but currently the player has to sit out for a year.

This really is not fair to player B as he/she does not know how they fit into the plans of coach C, the new coach coming into players B’s school. Coach C did not recruit player B, it was coach A who recruited player B so he should be eligible if he transfers to coach A’s new school.

This rule is the rule that should be changed and the current transfer rule should remain as is in allowing players to transfer and have to sit out for a year because of transferring unless it is like the current graduate student transfer rule where the player is eligible immediately if he has graduated from the school he played for and has a year of eligibility left.

If the rule is changed to allow transfers with a certain set GPA not to have to sit out could easily cause more problems then it would solve.

It could be a case of “the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer”. Bigger schools possibly raiding smaller schools.

It could easily cause more possible tampering violations and tampering complaints then it is worth and could easily double the number of transfers per year for men’s basketball in D-1.

I say keep the rule the way it is and change the transfer rule to allow a player to be eligible immediately without having to sit out if he/she transfers to the school that the coach who recruited him/her and played for the coach the previous season when that coach changes jobs and moves onto another D-1 school.

For further and more complete information go to in a article written by Thomas Lott.