Jeff Van Gundy & Team USA faces FIBA World Cup-Olympic qualifying changes

A very informative, interesting and timely article on UMaine Men’s Basketball Coach Bob Walsh’s Basketball Blog is entitled “Jeff Van Gundy and Team USA” and some important qualifying changes they face..

This original article was written by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN on August 25th, 2017 and posted by Coach Walsh on his BLOG on August 27th, 2017.

It explains some major changes in the qualifying procedures for the World Cup to qualify for the 2020 Olympic basketball championship.

Important changes in the World Cup qualifying tournament for making the Olympics in 2020.

1, The qualification is no longer an automatic bid for the defending Olympic team champion from the last Olympics in 2016.

2. The qualifying FIBA World Cup is now going to be played during the regular NBA season.

3. This means that the new coach Jeff Van Gundy, NBA League Television Commentator, who has not coached for 10 years has to use the NBA development league players in order to qualify Coach Pop Popovich’s NBA team for the 2020 Olympics.

Van Gundy stated that this is going to be the JV (NBA Development league) team trying to qualify the varsity team to being able to defend their Olympic championships over the years.

The article also is about Coach Van Gundy and his return to coaching and the situation he finds himself in developing a less talented team that will represent the USA if Van Gundy can get this USA team made up of development NBA League players to qualify the NBA players for the Olympics.

Also, with the 3 major changes that I listed above and how they effect Van Gundy’s challenge that Adrian W. writes about in this tell all article about Jeff Van Gundy and Team USA in what the USA team faces to qualify the NBA players for the Olympics..

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