Hoping my basketball withdrawal symptoms will improve!

I am starting to get more basketball withdrawal symptoms now that the summer high school and AAU basketball is over until the end of September for AAU fall basketball and October lst for D-1 college basketball for the UMaine men’s and women’s teams.

My basketball withdrawal symptoms have me anxiously trying to find articles on basketball, especially on the boys and girls high school basketball thread posts and the University of Maine and other D-1 schools thread’s post son MBR (Tom Noelette’s Maine Basketball Report).

Also, trying to find games on TV, even on the NBA channel 308 for old NBA films of games.

Just coming off the 2 week break of the MPA’s sports season hiatus for high school athletes where high school coaches cannot be with their teams now that the 6 week summer programs are over until their seasons start. Monday, August 14th was the opening date for fall sports while the official high school MPA basketball season starts on Monday, November 20th which is 85 days away, but only 44 days until the University of Maine men’s and women’s hoop teams can start practices.

Having not being able get my hour of shooting hoops in my backyard because of a badly sprained right ankle I have had much more than my usual basketball withdrawal symptoms during this slow basketball period of time.

Since mid April I have missed not being able to shoot around in my back yard weather permitting to get my needed senior citizen exercise. I have had to use my inside foot bicycle pedal machine to get my exercise.

I usually shoot for an hour a day when I am able to shoot. Sometimes it takes me a little longer than an hour as I have a ritual of having to make 3 consecutive foul shots and the 3 consecutive college 3 pointers back-to-back. Some nights I do it on the first try, some nights it takes longer.

All I know is when I am having a hard time making 3 fouls shots and 3 3’s in a row back-to-back, my wife hollers out the window, “USE MORE LEGS” as she knows that if I am not in the house in a hour then I have had not made the ritual immediately and the longer I am shooting the more trouble I am having make the consecutive 3 and 3’s and it is usually because I am getting tired and not using enough leg depth..

This four month period of not being able to shoot hoops certainly hasn’t helped my basketball withdrawal problem.

The older we get the longer it takes for injuries to heal.

So hopefully I can start shooting again the first of September. That will give me at least 2 months of shooting. Usually I shoot from mid April to the end of October.

So as soon as I can start shooting the better my withdrawal symptoms should diminish soon.

However, I will have a basketball fix on this coming Sunday, August 20th by attending the 4th Annual Maine Basketball Hall of Fame Inductions at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor.