Maine high school athletes are on their 2 week summer vacation

Maine high school 3 sport athletes are currently in their first of a two week summer vacation from their high school coaches of any sport as this is the mpa’s sports season policy where high school coaches cannot be involved with contact with their individual athletes.

So an athlete who plays a fall sport whose season starts the 3rd Monday in August, who plays a winter sport which starts on the 3rd Monday in November and who plays a spring sport which starts in mid March and then has to decide which sport to concentrate on the most during the 6 weeks in the summer.

This mpa sports season policy was established in the early 1970’s.

So right now there is no organized basketball for high school players such as high school. AAU or travel teams games. Fall AAU and travel basketball leagues will start at the end of September.

This open period is a good time for basketball players who are not playing a fall sport to work on their individual game skills such as shooting, ball handling, etc.

Great thing about basketball is that all a player needs to work on their individual skills is a ball, a hoop and themselves and nothing else to work on their shooting and ball handling skills.

Also, don’t forget the weightlifting to develop more strength.


Later in September I will have a BLOG about a special weightlifting program that features using dumbbells to exercise and strengthen the muscles of the basic offensive skills which puts the muscles Through the exact same moving positions that they will use for catching the basketball, moving ball to shooting position, up thrusting the ball to the release position, the snap release for the shot, dribbling, chest and overhead passes and rebounding.

This is a unique lifting program that I developed for myself to use as a senior citizen to keep my muscles strong that are used for shooting.