Women’s NCAA March “Gladness” leads to Girls HS’s next seasons

After my last week’s This NCAA”s “March Madness” BLOG which lead to below average basketball IQ’s which in turn leads to poor basketball decisions which in turn lead to more turnovers, more fouls and poorer shot selection as they play much more from the shoulder’s down like in the NBA (Not Basketball Anymore) league.

This week’s column is about the positive women’s NCAA’s women’s college basketball game.

The women’s college game which is usually played more from the shoulders up with high basketball IQ’s that leads to better basketball decisions, better shot selection, fewer turnovers and less fouls”.

Last week’s column, Men’s “March Madness” column lead to Boy’s High School next season’s “Madness”, this week we move from Men’s “Madness to WOMEN’s GLADNESS’.

While being able to compare the Men’s “Madness” to the Women’s “Gladness” as they were on the same days or alternating days made for a great opportunity to compare both games from top to bottom and in between.

The women’s game showed us how basketball players playing basketball with their high basketball IQ’s that leads to good basketball decisions which leads to above average shot selection, fewer turnovers and fewer fouling compared to the men’s college game.

The main reason that the women’s college game should be the game that high school, and middle school players, coaches, parents, relatives and fans should be watching and trying to imitate instead of the men’s college game is the women are not anywhere near as athletic as the men players are.

Therefore the women rely on letting the game come to them not like the men taking themselves to the game by forcing the action. The women are just not as athletic as the men. They cannot jump as high, run as fast, Hang as long in the air, throw or shoot the ball successfully for longer distances, dribble penetrate quicker, etc.

The women’s game is not an athletic track and field meet on a square wooden basketball track like the men’s game tends to be.

The women are more basing their game on thinking first, by first reading the court when they receive the ball anywhere on the court, by pivoting to face the basket if they are not already facing the hoop. They read the court first, they do not just act first like most of the athletic men. After reading the court first helps the women players to develop higher overall basketball IQ’s which lead to improved and better basketball decisions, like better shot selection, reduces personal fouls and get the ball to the open shooter quicker and better.

The women do not commit to things like leaving their feet without shooting on offense. They are more patient and more willing not to go as much one on one on offense and have a tendency to run set offenses better then the men.

Defensively they do not rely strictly on their athletic skills. When guarding a player with the ball. They usually keep the correct hand up, left hand up on a right handed shooter and vice versa for a lefty shooter.

Also, many do not leave the floor until the player with the ball leaves their feet. Many also do not block a shot until the ball leaves the shooter’s hands. These 3 mentioned defensive skills are used more because the women players uses their brains because they know it is easier and smarter to use their brains first then their bodies athletically first.

Having taught elementary, junior high and high school physical education over the years along with coaching boys middle school, high school basketball along with running co-ed basketball shooting days camps and giving individual shooting lessons to both boys and girls at all ages from elementary thru high school I have found that to me girls are more coachable then boys are in learning physical and mental skills.

When running the 3 hour sessions 6 day (Sun-Fri) shooting camps I would tell the boys, the girls and their parents on the first day of camp on Sunday when the parents were invited to attend that first session that at the end of the camp 5 days later when we held the shooting contests where the boys and girls were competing against each other in the following shooting contests, foul shot, power layup. jump shot and 3 point shot contests that the girls would win more contests than the boys.

The reasons girls win is because they are more coachable from my experience as a physical education teacher and as a shooting instructor. I wasn’t wrong. The girls  won more of the contests in each age group, be it elementary level, middle school level or high school level. THE REASONS WERE SIMPLE. LESS EGOS, THEY WERE MORE COACHABLE. THEY LISTENED BETTER, THEY TRIED TO DO WHAT YOU TOLD THEM, THEY WANTED TO PLEASE YOU, THEY DID N0T TAKE MUCH PERSONAL AT ALL, TOOK CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM BETTER AND THEY WANTED TO IMPROVE TO GET BETTER.

Therefore, if they are more coachable when it came to improve their shooting and it was harder for the girls to use the proper leg depth then the boys and this was a difficult thing for girls to do, especially the younger girls because it is a matter of leg strength in shooting so the girls should be more coachable in all the other fundamentals of the game.

It is harder physically for girls to get to use their legs correctly than the boys, but it is easier to convince them of the importance of this then it is the boys. It may take longer physically to get the girls to do it because they have lesser leg strength. but it doesn’t take the girls longer mentally to want to do it compared to the boys.

If girls do better overall in academics then it stands to reason that they may also be better in playing from the shoulders up by using their brains before they use their bodies to complete the basketball move either offensively or defensively.

Also, girls have a quicker and better understanding when learning to develop higher basketball IQ’s because girls are more mental then physical and boys usually are more physical then they are mental.

It also doesn’t take as much discipline to get girls to do what you want them to do, especially when running offensive and defensive patterns as they want to think first and act second as they are better at following directions quicker and seem to have a better understanding as they seem to focus and grasp better when being taught and coached at any level, but especially in basketball.

If we as coaches could put the girls heads on the boys shoulders then maybe, just maybe we could have athletes who know how to play basketball from the shoulders up because of their higher basketball IQ’s which make for better basketball game decisions which led to better shot selection, fewer turnovers and fewer personal fouls because they think, read and then react where as the boys have a tendency to act and then live with the results.

This column explains the reason why I enjoy “March Gladness” more than I do “March Madness”, based on  my basketball experience of 73 years as a player, coach, physical  education teacher. Athletic Director, official. author, basketball writer, TV/Radio Color Basketball Commentator, etc. “Gladness” beats “Madness” every time to me.

I just wish and hope that anyone connected with the game would understand that the College Men’s “March Madness” leads to next year’s high school basketball madness and women’s college basketball’s “March Gladness” has a better chance of leading from women’s college “March Gladness”  to next year’s high school basketball Gladness if it is imitated more than the men’s game is imitated.

But last week’s BLOG and this week’s BLOG is just my unorthodox basketball thinking and opinions based on my many years in the game.

Of course, opinions are like noses, everyone has one” and these 2 BLOGS are just mine.

Next weekends BLOG: Measuring Athleticism: Athletes playing basketball to Measuring Basketballism: Basketball players playing basketball.