Congratulations to CMCC as Womens Hoop team wins another CMCC First

The Central Maine Community College women’s basketball team won the USCAA 2017 National Basketball Championship in early March. They become the first women’s college team in Maine under 6 year Head Coach Andrew Morong ever to win a National Championship.

They compiled a very outstanding record of 33-1.

They accomplished this very difficult feat with 12 players from Maine high school basketball teams on their roster. Coach Morong has been very high on the effort and hard work of the Mainers on his team.

However, they are not the first college team in Maine men’s or women’s college basketball to ever win a National Championship. In fact, they are not even the first CMCC basketball team to win a national Championship as the men’s team in 2002 under current veteran Coach Dave Gonyea won the first National Basketball Championship for any Maine college team either men’s or women’s teams in the history of Maine college basketball by winning the USACC National Championship.

Coach Gonyea like Coach Morong did this with mostly former Maine high school players on his roster.

Who said you couldn’t win a national championship using Maine players as major contributors, as illustrated and answered by these 2 Championships?

After all didn’t USCAA D-1 men’s member the University of Maine at Fort Kent defeat Division 1 University of Maine at the “PIT” 85-80 this past fall in a pre-season game?

Also very interesting and impressive was the fact that most of their regular season wins for both of the national Champs were against 4 year colleges

The USACC is the 7th ranked college division behind D-1, D-2, D-3, NAIA Division 1, NAIA Division 2, and USACC Division 1. There are 4 more divisions to make it 11 different college, 3 Jr. College divisions and 1 Christian basketball division whose conferences currently have National Championship Tournaments.

CMCC plays in the Yankee Small College Conference and competes with some other Community Colleges in the state and out of the state. They play their regular season conference schedule by playing each member home and away and then they have a conference tournament after the regular season is completed with the winner going on to the National Tournament.

Winning one national championship by one school team is one great thing, but to have the college win 2 and both being a Boys and Girls National Championship and being the only Men’s and Women’s college teams ever to do this is quite a unique and outstanding feat.

The only problem is that people North of Auburn, Maine where the college is located probably don’t know about the Women’s National Championship this past season, let alone know about the men’s 2002 National Championship which was the first National Basketball Championship won by any Maine college regardless of the Division that they play in.

Hopefully basketball fans, players and coaches in Eastern, Central, Northern and Downeast Maine and any place else that gets to read this Online Bangor Daily News BLOG will now know about Coaches Moron and Gonyea and their players outstanding basketball feats of being the first and second college teams in this basketball crazy state to ever win a basketball National Championship at any level of the 11 college divisions of basketball.

I had the opportunity to officiate the CMCC games when they played EMCC of Bangor during the 2000’s.

Always looked forward to their games as they were always well coached and great competitors. I didn’t even know that they had won that first time major event. I probably reffed that game in Bangor the year that CMCC won their National Championship going 20-8.

I didn’t even know they had won that first historic championship because the news never reached the Eastern Maine area just as the Women’s success didn’t this year until a couple of weeks ago.

So I hope very much that this BLOG will get the word out of this outstanding basketball two time feat. Both programs should be recognized and congratulated for their great accomplishments.

Even if I am 15 years late in recognizing and knowing about the men’s success and just really finding out about the women’s success just 2 weeks ago.

Being a very interested basketball person and fan who likes to think that he really knows the heart beat of Maine High school and College basketball I am totally embarrassed for not knowing this sooner.

But I have to admit I was fast asleep on these two outstanding basketball achievements.

However, I figure it is better late then never to bring to the basketball fans in our part of the state here in Eastern, Northern and Downeast Maine this great basketball news.

I guess it may even be true some for Maine basketball that there are two basketball Maines. The one from Kittery to Augusta and then from Augusta North, especially in the case of Central Maine Community College getting the well deserved basketball accolades that they well have earned and certainly deserve.

Well done Coaches Andy and Dave, please forgive my lateness.