Add lack of Defense to “Golden Boys All-Stars” problems and Green continues his childish behavior with a technical

My last “Off the Rim” BLOG post was about the NBA’s Golden State Warriors problems caused by Draymond “Headcase” Green originally causing the “Coward Statement” and his continued attempted field goal kick(s).

Maybe he should tryout with a NFL team as a punter or field goal kicker. There’s no “kicking” in basketball.

He continues his childish behavior getting a needless technical foul call for trash talking in this past Tuesday’s opening regular season game hosting the Spurs.

Well now add  a new problem…. defense or lack of, as they gave up 129 points to the San Antonio Spurs in the season opener at Oakland.

Draymond continued his “I’ve got to be me” antics getting a needless and attention getting technical foul.

I seems that Coach Kerr and the Warriors organization have got as much control over him as I do over the Maine weather.

In getting Kevin Durant from the OKC Thunder, they gave up their size in the paint and are left without any “rim protectors” as the Spurs took it to the hoop at will with little resistance from the Warriors.

Maybe, just maybe, “the Warrior’s couldn’t see the forest for the trees” in this big free agent deal as they lost their 2 Big Defensive Rim Protecting Trees in order to make financial room for Durant.

The Spurs scored 30 plus points in each quarter 31-33-33-32 as the Warriors scored 20-26-31-23. This game was over mid way through the second period as the Spurs raced out to 64-46 half-time lead.

One of the big differences in the game was that the Spurs bench outscored the Warriors so called bench 54-32.

The Spurs also destroyed the “Golden Boys” at the rim and on the offensive boards as they got 21  to the Warriors 7 and out rebounded them on the defensive glass 34 to 27 and totally 55 to 35.

If the Golden Boys don’t get their defense straighten out and soon then they are not  and going to have the season that they thought they were going to have.

Also, it is evident that Draymond Green listens to nobody but himself, as he has had a attempted kicking incident in an exhibition game last week and then a technical foul for trash talking in the Spurs game and the season is just beginning.

Best move for the Warriors would be to trade him for a BIG rim protector as quickly as possible while he is worth something and of value.

Kevin Durant had 27 points long with Curry’s 26, but the Warriors 3 point shooters shot a miserable 7 for 33 from beyond the arc for just a lowly 21.1% while the Spurs shot 12 for 24 from 3 point land for 50%. What is that old basketball saying? “Live by the three, die by the three”!

The Spurs shot 23 for 26 from the charity stripe for an excellent 88.9% while the Warrior hit 13 for 18 for  72.2% From the floor the Spurs shot 47-98 or 47.8% and the Warriors were 40 of 85 for  for 47.4%.

Big differences in the game was the Spurs out rebounding the ‘small ball’ shooters by 20 overall and 14 on the offensive boards, holding the Warriors to just 21.1% from 3 point land and getting easy shots at the rim with dribble penetration and inside looks.

The Warriors looked totally lost on defense and the Spurs were playing both offensively and defensively in mid-season form. It isn’t if they haven’t had  pre-season practice and games to work on their defense.

Also, the Warriors claim the addition of 7 new players on their roster it’s going to take time for them to jell. However, the Spurs have 7 new players on their roster, plus the retirement of 19 season veteran star Tim Duncan.

The Spurs didn’t have a longer pre-season then the Warrior did and they were ready for the warriors and the Warriors were not ready for the Spurs, plus they were playing at home..

Naturally, “one game a season does not make”, but until the “Golden All-Stars” get their defense and  get Green straightened out or trade him for a BIG rim protector while he has trade value, they are not going for any regular season record this season let alone an NBA Title.

The Spurs did one big thing to help the other league Warrior’s opponents by exposing their weaknesses and how to take advantage of them.

The pressure is all on the Warriors with 4 All-Stars and they are in a no win situation (ESPECIALLY DURANT) as if they should win it all then everyone will say…. so what you bought it and should have won it, or if they lose it, they will be asked, what happened, choke again as you should have won it all.

Wonder if Durant might be thinking a little about maybe he would have been better of signing with the Spurs……….then he wouldn’t have to deal with Draymond Green and his selfish antics?

After all Durant and Green were teammates all summer on the USA Olympic Hoop Team so he had to see some of Green’s off and on the court antics. Also, Durant played against Green in the Western Conference Finals and blew a 3-1 game led in that series. He had to have seen Green’s kicks against his teammates in that series.

Evidently that didn’t come into consideration in Durant’s move to the “Golden Boys All-Star team”.

Just wonderin!