Golden “Boys” Warriors Dealing with inside “Cowards” statement & Draymond Green back to his old TRICKICKS

The Golden Boy Warriors are dealing with two issues caused by Draymond Green’s kicking style. He is supposed to be a basketball player not a football punter or place kicker.

The first issue is that somebody in the Warriors organization called the Warriors “Cowards” in the way they played in game 5 of the NBA championship series against the Cleveland Cavaliers with a 3 to 1 game lead in the series.

They were called “Cowards” because the person thought with Draymond Green being suspended for his intentional step up under routine  under LeBron James instead of a kick for that game 5 that the other players should have stepped up more.

The person calling them “Cowards” thought that the Warriors did not play with enough urgency and toughness as they were up 3 games to 1 and thought that they did not need to win this game to win the series.

They opened the door for LeBron and the Cavs and they lost their momentum and thee CAVS took advantage and came right in the door for the championship.

However, they would not have been in that situation if Green had behaved himself. The Warrior Organization themselves did nothing about his previous kicking actions so they have to share some of the  blame for his actions as well Green was..

Green returned for game 6 at Cleveland and game 7 at home and the Golden Boys still lost.

They became the first NBA team in the history of the NBA championship series to blow a 3-1 game lead and lose the championship at home after setting  a regular season record of 73-9 breaking Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls record breaking season.

The second issue is when in an exhibition game no less last week against the Portland Trail Blazers Green was back to his old “TRICKICKS’ again and for the 5th time in the (4 last year and this one this year so far).

In driving to the basket against the Blazers Allen Crabbe who was defending Green, Draymond kicked out his leg very high although he did not make any contact, but the act was there.

The NBA director of officials has stated that this type of kicking will be monitored more closely and severely dealt with this year. However, no penalty was handed out, although Allen Crabbe certainly was not happy of nearly being kicked by the flailing leg kicker.

The Warriors with the addition of the 3rd best player in the league, in 6’9” Kevin Durant who signed a free agent contract with the Golden Boys, leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder a little under manned are definitely making the Warriors “Golden Boys”  the heavy favorites to win their 2nd title in three years..

Because of Durant’s addition, the Warriors will be even more favorites for the championship this season. This alone brings attention to the Warriors, but Green’s kicking dramatics also does add more gas to the fire.

So the two issues facing he Warriors this week have been caused by Draymond Green.

Maybe the Warriors management need to add a psychiatrist to their training staff to find out what is causing Green’s high flailing antics.

Also, maybe the powers-to-be should hire a detective and give lie detectors tests to everyone in the organization to find out who called the Greenless Warriors “Cowards”.

Whatever, the pressure is certainly on the Golden Boys with the addition of Durant, but they do not have a rim defender, but may make up for that weakness with the shooting and scoring of Curry, Thompson and Durant.

I would suggest that if they could get a good rim protector for Green, then make that trade as soon as possible, of course, Green would probably put up a BIG KICK……………….about being traded. Would their be any takers for him?