12 weeks from today until lst day of High School hoops on Nov. 14th

For all of us Maine high school basketball fans, it will be exactly 12 weeks from today, Monday, August 22nd, until the Maine high school basketball season can start tryouts/practicing on Monday, November 14th.

The only organized basketball games in Maine for high school players and Maine high school B-ball fans between now and then will be the AAU and outside weekend programs throughout the state.

These programs usually will start on the last weekend in September and run until the 2nd Sunday in November.

So we will have to wait 4 and 1/2 weeks or 33 days or 792 hours until the fall basketball for Maine high schoolers to start their non-school AAU and outside games starting the 4th Saturday in September.

Then Maine high school Tryouts and Practices will start 7 weeks later on  Monday, November 14 and usually pre-season games start that first weekend, November 18 and 19.

Until then we will have to be satisfied with the Maine AAU and outside non school games on weekends starting on the 4th  weekend in September.

It will just have to be, “time and patience, neither of which come in a bottle”, to get us thru this high school basketball downtime.