Basketball shooting techniques I wish I knew when I played in HS & College

Trying to help any basketball player at any level to improve their shooting skills and shooting percentages here comes another shooting BLOG to do just that.

Remember, the first 2 weeks of August  is the best time for basketball players who are going to play a fall sport to work on improving their shooting skills and percentages.

12 monthers who are not going to play a fall sport should take 2 weeks off (don’t touch a basketball) and then they have the last 2-3 weeks in August and the first 3 weeks in September to work on their shooting skills and percentages.

As a follow up to the 5 BLOGS on basketball’s perfect shot, they are a perfect lead in to this next BLOG on shooting entitled.

“What I wish I knew about shooting techniques when I played in High School and College” in the 50’s?

I shot the ball the same way in college as I did in high school.

I just wish I had the knowledge I have now about shooting as it would have certainly improved my shooting ability and increased my shooting percentages for high school and college.

Here are the things I did not know or do back when I played in HS and college that I corrected over the years.

1. Did not square my feet to the basket

2. Did not aim for the correct target in the basket

3. Did not get any BASKETBALL GARBAGE (garbage in basketball is when the ball hits the rim softly enough to stay on or near the rim so it still has a chance to go in after the first bounce on the rim). What I got when my ball hit the rim was BASKETBALL BRICKS (BRICKS in basketball are when the ball hits the rim and bounces away from the rim with little or no chance to go in)

4. Did not get enough legs into my shots

5. Did not release the ball properly

6. Did not follow thru correctly

7. Did not analyze my shot on a made or missed shot

When I started helping my players with their shooting skills in the early to mid 1960’s is when I started to learn really how to improve my own shooting so that I can shoot better today then when I was in high school and college.

This happened because I started to study and analyze my players shots as well as my own shot. It was then I learned how to get GARBAGE AND NOT BRICKS.

If I had corrected these fundamental mistakes I listed above it would have helped to raise my foul shooting percentages  and my field goal percentages as a high school and college shooter.

I base this on that I hardly ever got much GARBAGE AND got mostly ONLY BRICKS WHEN MY BALL HIT THE RIM, so if I made one third more of my misses from the floor and made half of my foul shot misses from the line I would have decreased those misses possibly into GARBAGE points which probably could have raised my shooting percentages and points scored.

The reason I would have improved my shooting skills and shooting percentages would have been because now when my shots hit the rim I usually get GARBAGE not BRICKS so many of my shots could have hit the rim and gone in, when back then I hardly ever got any GARBAGE,,,,I GOT BRICKS INSTEAD most of the time.

In basketball shooting, getting  GARBAGE is better than getting BRIC

If a player can shoot over 50% from the floor for 2”s,  33.3% for 3’s, 43% for combined 2’s and 3’s and 70  plus percent from the line then most coaches at the high school level are going to find a spot for them to get plenty of minutes on the court.

After all the object of the game of basketball is to put more balls into the basket then their opponents do.