Answer to question 4 for basketball’s perfect shot

Final question pertaining to basketball’s perfect shot is as follows:

Question 4: Can a shooter analyze his/her trying to get basketball’s perfect shot during an actual game?

Certainly for foul shots as the ball usually bounces once after the ball goes thru the basket before the ref steps in to get the ball. If the shot is made on the second shot, it usually bounces once or even twice before an opponent gets the ball to take out-of-bounds, So the shooter can see where the ball hits left, right, center. etc.

On a made field goal it is much harder because players are on the floor between the shooter and the floor directly under the basket.

However, the shooter should try to see where the ball hits so as to tell the shooter whether the shooter’s right or left leg went down further then the other leg or both legs went down the same depth

Also, the shooter can tell this same thing on a missed shot by where the ball first hits the rim  as far as to which leg went down further then the other. Left leg, left side of the rim right leg, right side of the rim.

Usually not getting enough legs into the shot is what actually caused the miss in the first place!

Bending one of the legs more than the other even though the shooter get’s enough leg depth allows the ball to still go in without touching the rim but it is off center either left, right, front or back. That is not a perfect shot, but it still goes in without touching the rim and it still counts as 1, 2 or 3 points.

Hope these four questions and answers about what is basketball;s perfect shot can help some players improve their shooting and their shooting percentages, be it 2 pointers, 3 pointers or foul shots.