Answer to question 3 for basketball’s perfect shot

Question 3 is What is the best shot to be able to determine if you made a perfect basketball shot?

Answer to Question 3. It is the foul shot because when you are practicing it you should be perfectly squared to the basket and when the ball hits the ground after it goes thru the basket it will either come right back to you as the perfect shot or it will hit to the left or the right of you and you will have to chase your mistake of not getting a perfect foul shot. The farther away from the foul line you have to go to get the ball the more the ball was of center either to the left or the right.

If the ball does not bounce away from the basket after it goes thru the basket and stays under the basket or bounces away from the shooter towards the backboard then the shot was to close to either the front or the back of the rim without hitting the rim.

This is a chase your mistake drill if you don’t get a perfect shot or  a near perfect shot.

Further foul shooting info is below if you are interested.


Foul shooting is the same for any level of basketball. The foul line is 15 feet from the backboard where the rim is attached to the backboard. or 13 feet 9 inches from the center of the basket. You have 10 seconds to shoot with nobody guarding you when you shoot.

It is the one basketball skill a player can compare their own foul shooting skill and percentages with any other basketball player whether they are middle school, HS, prep school, Juco, college or even the NBA.

Did you  know that there were 34 NBA players this past NBA season who many of who are making millions of dollars that did not shoot 70% from the line. That is making 7 for 10 foul shots is 70%. In fact, some shoot as low as in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s percents.

What do you shoot? Just divide the number foul shots made by the number of foul shots you attempted and the results is your foul shooting percentage.

Here is a guide to what percentages puts a player in as a foul shooter.

Superior…………. 90%-100%

Excellent ……….. 80%-89%

Above Ave……… 70%-79%

Average………… .60%-69%

Below average… 50%-59%

‘poor………………..49% and below

From watching games at different levels last winter the biggest reason for missing foul shots were not having a ritual for shooting foul shots. A foul shooting ritual is doing the same thing the same way every time you shoot a foul  shot.

The next things are not being properly squared to the hoop, not holding the ball properly in the shooting and guidehand, not aiming for the correct target, dribbling the ball, not getting enough legs into the shot, not releasing the ball at the proper time, not following thru correctly and not analyzing the shot after it is missed or made.

All this errors can easily be corrected.